Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hills, hills, hills...

...oh how I greatly dislike you.

Sometimes I don't really mind hills so much, but other days (today for example) I'm just not feeling them. My house isn't really located in the hilliest part of Eugene by any means, but it seems that the majority of my routes involve at least one large hill or several gradual inclines.

I've been trying to figure out what I like better, running up a steep, yet relatively short hill, or traipsing up a slowly rising gradient that seems to go forever. When I'm pushing BOB or Steppy, with any configuration of my kids, there's no question... I much prefer the slowly sloping hill to the sudden up and down that makes forward progress difficult at best. However, when running sans stroller I think it might be best to go straight up and get it over with instead of stretching it out for what seems like miles on end. Plus, the sense of accomplishment is much higher after scaling such a difficult route, not to mention the view from the top.

All of these thoughts on hills come to play because of my virtual 5K race tomorrow. I've been trying to figure out what route I would like to take. The only flat course would be a nice 12+ lap jaunt around the track, which, in my opinion is half a step better than running the 3.1 miles on a treadmill... BORING!!! So, that leaves me a couple options both of which involve hills, the question is, should I choose one quick (well as quick as I can manage) steep hill or a route that is mostly at an incline albeit a slow and steady one? Guess I've got the rest of the day to figure it out.

How about you? When given the choice, would you rather run one short, but really steep hill or the same amount of elevation increase over a much longer distance?


Janet said...

Good luck tomorrow. I think I would go for the steep quick hill and get it over with.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

I love hills now, it lets me use lots of different muscles. I go with hardest hill first

Tricia said...

hope the virtual race goes well!