Monday, April 26, 2010

Miscellaneous Monday

I've noticed that lots of bloggers do weekly themed posts such as "Motivational Monday", "Two Things Tuesday", "Five Things Friday"... etc. In an effort to blog more frequently, this week I am going to give my posts themes following along those same lines. I can promise you two things: 1. I will post something every day. and 2. Each post will be, a positively poignant peek into my musings on motherhood mania and mayhem as well as rich and revitalizing recaps of rigid running routines or at the very least each post will have an amazingly astute alliterative address that most likely will have absolutely nothing to do with the content.

So to start it off, here is "Miscellaneous Monday".

When I run I think about random things. For instance, I was wondering about sidewalk etiquette in countries where they live down the left side of the road. Do they also walk/run down the "wrong" side of the sidewalk? Does anyone have any experience running in Europe?

Jonny got up at 4 again this morning and instead of heading out for my run after feeding him, like I had planned, I headed back to bed. I won't lie, every early morning run I go on is a battle between getting my run in and getting a few more precious hours of sleep. Today, sleep won the battle. I did however get the opportunity to run a little later in the morning. Dan, didn't have any morning class and since he has a serious case of Senioritis he didn't have any need to get to school before his afternoon class started and he graciously volunteered to stay with the kids while I headed out for a run. To change things up a bit, I thought it might be nice to take Leona out in the stroller and leave the boys home to do whatever it is that boys do when the girls are gone (play the wii). It was a great day for a run. Overcast but not cold and really calm. I don't know why, but I tend to run much faster when I'm pushing the stroller. When all was said and done today, I ended up running almost a whole minute per mile faster than I have been. It felt good though. Maybe I'll try to pick up the pace a bit more when I'm running solo. Anyway, it was a good run and I'm glad that I was able to get the extra sleep and still get it in. It's looking like the week is off to a good start.

Here's my running buddy. It was hard work for her too... wore her right out.


Judi said...

I lived in Ireland for over a year quite a few years ago (before kids so my memory is gone!). But I tend to think everything was just opposite to here.

So you run faster when you are pushing a stroller! How do you manage that? Well it impresses me anyhow!

Blogging everyday is kind of fun. I try to do almost every day. But with four kiddos it doesn't always happen :).

MCM Mama said...

I'm impressed that you run faster with a stroller! My stroller running days are over, but when I did, it definitely slowed me down!

Cute picture!

EricaH said...

Very cute pic love the bunny ears. Sounds like a pretty good morning a little extra sleep and still managed to get a run in, I am with MCM mama I run a lot slower when I push the stroller it just feels awkward, what kind of stroller do you have?

Anonymous said...

Awww that picture is adorable! Wow, I find it amazing that you run faster with the stroller. Good for you! I think if it were me, I would runner much slower

Dick said...

Wow, Laurie! I'm impressed! You have quite a collection of people who read your blog!

Unlike the other people who commented on your speed with your jogging stroller, I HAVE the answer! You're climbing on board with Noni (or Noni and Jonny, or Noni and Calvin, or Jonny and Calvin, or whatever combination of kids you take!)...and RIDING down the hills! Right?

On another note, have you decided whether or not you're going to do Crater Lake with me? We'd probably spring for the entry fee.

me/mom/NANA said...

Laurie, I am impressed that you run regularly, and to do it with even one child is hard for me to imagine. You are an inspiration to us all. Dick, isn't your run on August 14th? Now why would she want to run all that way around Crater Lake when she could just go on a little 5K with her mother-in-law? And we are just walking.:0)

Janet said...

Actually, I'm doing the Crater Lake event but only doing the 6.7 walk. She could do that with me! But I don't expect laurie to lower her standards and great ability to a lowly walk at 7000 feet. I'm impressed with your responses too Laurie. I love to read your blogs.

Lisbet said...

love that pic - they get so tuckered out, ha! I actually find that running with a stroller is like super training! Nothing like pushing extra weight up a hill as the wind literally creates a parachute out of your stroller (at least in New Mexico...).