Thursday, February 25, 2010

Running Skirts

What is your opinion of running in a skirt? I used to think that I would never do it until I finally broke down and bought one last October then even raced in it later that month for the Monster Mash. Despite feeling kind of silly at first, overall I liked running in one. The skirt I have, was a Target Clearance one (can I just say that I love Target Clearance... it rocks!) from Champion and for the most part is pretty nice. It has the attached boy shorts underneath and my only complaint is that they were a little baggy and crawled up my legs a bit. I think had I gotten a smaller skirt that problem could have been avoided.

There are lots of different options when it comes to running skirts and tons of places to get one. That being said, the reason for this post, is that I happened to come across a giveaway for one (yes, I know another giveaway... I have no shame). You can find the giveaway here and what better way to try out a skirt than to win it?! The skirt is coming from which has a great selection of skirts and other gear. One of the things that stood out to me was that they have a maternity skirt, which I thought was pretty cool, being "with child and all". Anyway, you should check out the giveaway, hurry though, it ends tomorrow.

Speaking of maternity, I'm still pregnant of course. To my knowledge so are all my pregnant friends, although I think that will be different by this weekend. I know for a fact that one (she'll be induced on Friday) if not all 3 will have had their babies by Sunday. I'm still feeling pretty cruddy and hope to continue to recover before going into labor so I'm fine to keep waiting. Next week though, would be great.


Marci said...

I think you looked good in your skirt. My friend Sharstin is pretty hard-core and she loves hers.
By the way, I haven't heard anything yet from Heather but it looks like Trista took the gold.

Janet said...

I thought you looked good in your running skirt too. If it's comfortable who cares whether other people like them or not.