Friday, February 19, 2010

Me, the Prize Pig

So, I'm shamelessly entering another great giveaway. At the same great blog, Shut Up and Run! This time it's for some cool earbuds, actually called Yurbuds. I've tried to listen to music while I run but I can't stand any of the earphones that I've tried. I would love to give these a shot, they've had really great reviews. You should check it out too, she has ten to give away. Just click here.

And, to go with the Yurbuds, I came across another giveaway that will provide me with the music to listen to. Also a pretty funny blog. Feel free to check it out here.

P.S. I used to work at a group of radio stations where we of course had all kinds of contests and giveaways, many of which were celebrated at BBQ's, remote broadcasts and the like. Well, the term "prize pig" comes from a group of individuals who frequented said events and entered all contests to get any sort of free thing they could. Even if they weren't technically qualified they would be there nonetheless with their grubby little hands looking for freebies. I'm starting to feel like such a pig, hence "Me, the Prize Pig".

P.P.S I just googled "prize pig" to see if it is actually defined and low and behold there is an entry on the urban dictionary. Apparently prize pigs are quite popular at all radio stations. (If you clicked on that link, for the record, I am not admitting to being the second definition of prize pig.)

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