Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last Day of February

So, today is the last day of February. As much as I was hoping to have a February baby, I think it will most definitely be a March one... although there are still 8 hours left in the month...

Anyway, to make it more fun for me, I'd like to have a little contest called, "Guess the Birth Date". Not really that much fun or really even very exciting, but I'm always up for a little competition. So, if you'd like to play just put in a comment as to when you think that I will have my baby. For a tiebreaker, if you are so inclined to pick the same date as someone else, you can guess the birth weight or height too.

If you'd like to make a somewhat educated guess, here is a little background info:

Official due date: March 4th
Emmeline, born 11 days early. 7lbs 8oz 21" long
Calvin, born 6 days late. 8lbs 13oz 21 1/2" long
Leona, born 6 days early. 7lbs 20" long

All 3 came on their own (more or less).

As for a prize, the winner will definitely be rewarded, but I haven't decided with what yet. Maybe chocolate cigars?

Best of luck.


Dan Higgins said...

I say Tuesday night along about 3 am. It's going to be a giant baby too. 9 pounder. Good luck with that. :)

doodooguru said...

Hey Laurie,

I found your blog somehow, I can't remember exactly how but I will quit stocking and come out of the closet since there might be choclote involved. I haven't ever tried smoking it but I am sure there isn't a wrong way to get chocolate into my blood stream!

March 5, Noon, 8#10oz, 21".

Make sure Dan post the results immediately so I can start my celebration. Good luck, I'll be thinking about you guys this week. But have him soon, I have a short attention span.

Joleane said...

March 8th, 8am, 8lbs. 8oz. 21"
At least I didn't say 28 inches. :)
You are in our thoughts and prayers, no matter when the baby comes. Take care of yourself.

Elizabeth said...

A friend of mine told me something... Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unexceptable. Her daughter was born early - the day after Kyler. Just keep chanting it...

My guess:
March 4th (03/04) just because that would be a cool birthday.
Weight - I'm wishing you a small baby - 7lbs, 6 oz and we'll go with 19 inches.

Sending all the good vibes and thoughts your way.

Laurie said...

I have to say thank you to Elizabeth. I'm still holding out hopes of a smaller baby. Dan got everyone started with his 9 pound silliness.

And "doodooguru" you're right, there is no wrong way to get chocolate in your bloodstream! Thanks for coming out of the closet. :) I've been secretly stalking your blog too, though.

Dick said...

I like Dan's comment...I'm glad you married him! I'm going with March 4th, at 8:24 am (Doctors ALWAYS nail the date)...and he'll weigh 7 lbs. 9 ozs.

If you can't find chocolate cigars, a pound of Sees Buttercreams with dark chocolate will do just fine...just give them to your mom and she'll deliver them to me.

Dick said...

Sorry...I'm old and forgot the baby's height, and don't have time to try to remember how to edit comments. He'll be 19 3/4 inches.

Laurie said...

I say Wednesday March 3rd at 10:45 AM. He will weigh in at 7lbs 10oz and be 19 1/2 inches long. I also think he will have lots of hair like his brother or bald like his father, either way his hair will be the extreme. Bless you sweetie and I am just thrilled to be here so when ever he comes it's fine with me so need to wait till Wednesday. Oh what the heck go NOW!!!

Laurie said...


Janet said...

I think Wednesday 3/3 at 3:12 pm.
7lbs 14oz and 20 1/4 inches. Hold out for me and I'll be there for you!

Dan Higgins said...

This is from my father, Calvin Higgins:

Friday, 3/5 10:00am
9lbs 2oz 21" long

(yes, he is in trouble for picking such a big weight!)

Stephanie said...

Let's say that the baby wants to share his bday with Brendan, so I'm going to go with March 7th (sorry, Mom) and be 8 lb. 6 oz. and 20 inches long. Good luck, Laurie! We're gunnin' for ya. :)

Rod Family said...

Hi Laurie. I just found your blog and love it. I am a mom of 5 and would like to start running in my "spare time" ha ha!

I guess March 5, 7 lbs. 5oz.

Elizabeth said...

Today is my day... I didn't pick a time, so you can relax a little. Better get 'er done! MaKenna made you a card last night for the baby. I'll scan it and email you.