Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feel the Need

So, I feel the need to blog, but don't feel that I really have anything to blog about. So I guess you'll get my random thoughts.

We're mostly sick around here as of late. Nothing too terrible, just bad colds with coughs. Calvin missed out on school a few days but was able to go back yesterday. I have to admit, it was good to have him go back. Leona is still pretty gross and snotty and I'm congested and coughy but we're getting by. Luckily Dan seems to be somewhat immune to this particular strain of funk... or maybe he already had it, I'm not sure it all seems to run together. Emme is still slightly congested but seems to have gotten rid of the cough and avoided missing any school.

As for pregnancy news, today I'm 38 weeks, that's about it. Dan will be pretty busy next week. He has a big trial on Tuesday that he has been stressing about and then Friday is his interview for the judicial clerkship position (please think happy, positive thoughts for him). Once all those things are done (and his mom gets here on the 27th) I have permission to go into labor. The other day he wanted to know what I was thinking as far as when I would have this kid, unfortunately I couldn't really pin point an exact time. Emme came at 38 weeks, Calvin at 41 (he's always been stubborn) and Leona at 39... so really anytime.

It's really silly, but there are 3 other girls I know that are all due within a week of me. (1 before and 2 after.) I guess it's my super, above the top, outrageously competitive attitude but I don't want them to have their babies before me. It's like I've turned it into some twisted race in my mind where I have to beat them. To what? Delivery? Pretty silly I know, but that's me. So, Marci, Trista and Heather, best of luck to you each, may the fastest? mom win. (See, at least I can be a good sport.)


Heather said...

Well, I'm not the fastest mom under any normal circumstances, but I'd sure like to be for this!!! 6 days til my due date....PLEASE let me go first!!!!

me/mom/NANA said...

I will be up in just 8 days and it would be great if you could just hold off till then. On this one race I think MAYBE Heather could win although she could go over 3 days and let you win. Either way this is one race where second isn;t bad.

Janet said...

I doubt you'll wait for me. I'll be in Texas until 3/1. It would be nice if I was in Oregon so that I could come up. But so be it with your competitive nature, you probably won't wait.

Stephanie said...

That's my competitive girl. he he. ;) I hope that everyone is healthy by the time the baby DOES come. By the way, thank you for the cutie bday card. You do such amazing work. You are so talented. Still my hero. :)