Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dear Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I lost my first tooth today. Yes, it has been very loose for quite a while... thank you for your patience. I did finally pull it out all by myself and despite my tears of anticipation, it didn't hardly hurt at all.

My mom and I made this cool box to put it in (yes it is a denture box, we thought that was fitting).
I would appreciate it, if you would leave me some money when you take my tooth. I would really like it if you would give me money and not take my tooth, but my mom assured me that it doesn't work that way... she said something about it being gross if we had a bunch of yucky teeth laying around. Anyway, I would also appreciate it, if, when you come tonight you were extra quiet. I don't like to wake up in the middle of the night and I'm afraid that you would scare me.

Thank you for your time and understanding (and the money).



me/mom/NANA said...

Good job Emme, doing it by yourself. You have more courage then me. Your mommy is probably right but you know NANA and I think I still have your daddy's baby teeth. Remind me and next time you are down here I will look for them and show you just how gross they are. SMILE, you are so cute.

Dick said...

Way to go Emme! It was about 9000 years ago, but I still remember when I lost my first tooth. I didn't have a cool box to put my tooth in...the Tooth Fairy had to find it under my pillow, but she managed to get it (and all the rest that I lost later) without waking me up. Next time try setting a trap...maybe you can catch the Fairy!

Janet said...

I knew you could do it Emme, I'm proud of you. Don't listen to Granddaddy, you don't want to catch the tooth fairy. If you did nobody else could get money for their teeth. :o)