Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ready for Winter

So, I've got to do a better job blogging. I only had 4 posts for the month of November... that is pretty pathetic. Granted, it was a pretty busy month but shouldn't that mean that I have that much more to blog about? Apparently not.

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend. We all went down to Klamath Falls to enjoy Thanksgiving, our annual family Christmas party and Tom and Janna's open house. It was a pretty eventful few days but a lot of fun nonetheless. Dan was with us for Thanksgiving for the first time in 3 years (usually we leave him behind in Eugene to be lonely and study) and that was really nice. After going for an early Thanksgiving day run (just me) we spent the day making pies (also just me) and watching football (Dan) followed by a nice dinner with lots of relatives. Then, that night, we had our "traditional" Christmas party where my mom and grandma put on an awesome version of The Price is Right. The kids and I ended up being huge winners and coming away with all kinds of goodies including a new electric griddle. I was truly impressed, it was a lot of fun. (Thanks Mom & Grammy!) Tom & Janna's open house was pretty uneventful (as in, nothing too crazy happened outside of a glass of red punch spilled on the white carpet...I'm so, so sorry Grammy). A fair amount of people showed up and Emme & Calvin had a great time running around them, while Leona clung to Dan or me as if at any moment someone might snatch her away.

Friday morning, my mom, sister and I got up bright and early to brave the crazy Fred Meyer shoppers and stock up on our traditional 50% off socks. I really love socks and could spend way too much money on them, luckily though I practiced a little self-control (as much as I could muster anyway). We didn't have any real mishaps (there are plenty of socks to go around), although we did have some mean guy snatch the very last Hungry Hippos game from right beneath our noses after hearing us talking about how much Calvin wanted to have it for Christmas...gotta love people. (I actually didn't see it happen, but my sister Stephanie said that he grabbed it from the back of a bottom shelf, looked at my mom and me and got a big smirk on his face before quickly walking away...he probably didn't even want it, just wanted to be mean.) Stephanie thought we should go on a mission to recover it, but we opted not to...could have been fun though!

Anyway, running is going. I won't necessarily say that it is going well, but it is going. I love my new Nike+ band that tells me how far I've run. The novelty of using it is what is keeping me motivated right now. I had the opportunity to go to lap swim over the weekend and that felt really good (nothing quite like swimming outside in 25 degree weather... so cool!). Unfortunately it just isn't something that I have access to right now, so I'll keep running (starting to look more like waddling) as long as I can.

I am so excited for winter/Christmas time. Before we left Klamath, my grandma had started getting her house all decorated and it looked so nice. I want to get a tree and get ours ready too. Hopefully soon...

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Stephanie said...

The Price is Right sounds so fun! What a great time. :)