Sunday, December 27, 2009

No Presents: Warning, sappy writing ahead...

So, we have a pretty busy Holiday season here in our house. First, of course there is Christmas Eve and Christmas. That is immediately followed by Emme's birthday (6 yesterday... getting so old!). Then, we come to today, our anniversary. We have never really done too much to celebrate this special day. Our first anniversary, we went out to dinner and then I think to chaperone a youth dance at church. Our second anniversary we spent in the hospital recovering from the birth of Emme. After those, I really don't remember too much, mostly going out to dinner and maybe a nice card here and there, but never any presents. With Christmas only two days prior, when we have money to spend on nice gifts (i.e. not being broke students) usually any gifts just qualify for both occasions. I'm really okay with that, it's actually kind of nice.

Today, we are celebrating 8 years together. I could lie and say that they have been 8 absolutely wonderful years without any trials or tribulations, but that wouldn't be entirely true... we are human after all (and pretty stubborn, moody humans at that). I can, however, say that they have been the 8 best years of my life and I couldn't imagine having spent them with anyone else. (This is were the sappy part starts, feel free to stop reading.) I have the best husband and honestly don't know how I managed to get so lucky. There are so many things that Dan does for me that I couldn't possibly list them all, but I'll try to make a dent. In no particular order, thank you Dan, for:
1. Accommodating my crazy desires to go running all the time, which includes allowing me to spend a lot of time looking at jogging strollers on the internet and other running paraphanilia.
2. Cleaning up after dinner when I cook, this is no small task as I am probably the messiest cook alive. Also, cleaning up after you cook.
3. Being such an anti-clutter bug. Sometimes I wish it would just be okay to have stuff everywhere, but I will never complain that you keep our house so much in order and keep me motivated to do the same.
4. Putting up with and entertaining all of my family when they come to visit (and their clutter).
5. Being such a sports freak. You live and die by your favorite teams (mainly the Ducks) and it can make game day Saturday a little tense at times but I wouldn't have it any other way.
6. Working so hard at school (and work) yet not letting it run your life. I really appreciate that you can make lots of time for me and our family.
7. Laughing at yourself and me... even when I don't want to be laughed at it always helps.
8. Changing diapers (however occasionally) and taking care of sick kids.
9. Making anniversaries great, even without presents involved.
10. Really the list could go on and on, but I'll just stop here.

Thank you, Dan, for 8 years of a really great life together. Happy Anniversary. I love you.

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Dick said...

Laurie...I'm really glad you're happy, and think you got pretty lucky too. Reading the stuff you wrote about Dan made me feel pretty guilty...but only for a couple of seconds! You've got a great husband, and I have a great son-in-law. You and Dan and your kids make a great family. Happy Anniversary!