Friday, December 11, 2009


Tomorrow it will have been a week since the last time I ran. I had planned to go today, but instead slept in until almost 7:30. (Leona slept until almost 9... maybe we're getting ready to hibernate... it's that cold!) It's been a long time since I took a whole week off. Under normal conditions I would be able to bounce back from that without much complication, but considering that I am 7 months pregnant and have a terrible head cold I fear that it might be a little more difficult to do in my "condition". I think I'll wait out the weekend, hope to see a slight (or large if that's not too much to ask) rise in the early morning temperatures and a clearing in my head then give it a go again.

In non-running news, I've figured out yet another (trust me, I have lots of them) reason why children should be spaced more than 20 months apart. Leona is still currently sleeping in a crib. Yesterday I needed to change her crib bedding for the first time since my belly has really gotten so round. Let me tell you, it was one the most frustratingly difficult things I've attempted to do in a long time. It didn't matter how much I stretched or leaned, my belly made it near impossible to get the sheets tucked in correctly. In addition to that, Leona kept trying to climb in the crib (to help me I'm sure) and I eventually had to lock her out of the room. The whole situation was pretty ridiculous. I ended up pulling the mattress completely out of the crib and still the whole thing probably took at least 15 more minutes than it should have. I think the time has come to get her a bed of her own... or least get someone else to change her sheets.

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