Monday, December 7, 2009


At what point is it too cold to run outside? I'm sure with the right gear, one could argue that it is never too cold. I have some pretty decent running gear but I think we've reached that point here in Eugene where my gear doesn't keep me warm enough to run in 18 degree, feels like 8 degree weather. I'm pretty tough, almost to the point of being masochistic, but that's just too cold.

I ran 8 miles on Saturday, partly because I thought if I kept going I would eventually warm up... it took me about 6 miles to finally not feel freezing, but I think that's because my legs and hind quarters finally went numb. It's not like I was running in shorts (I did see an insane guy doing just that... CRAZY!), I had on "winter weight" running tights, a long-sleeved thermal top, thicker than usual running socks, my cool running jacket with hand warmers in the sleeves (thanks again Mom & Dad) and my running headband that keeps my ears toasty warm and yet it was cold. That was on Saturday, where it was in the mid 20's and it was still too fresh on my mind to get me out from under my down comforter and flannel sheets this morning when my alarm clock was telling me the temp outside was a whopping 18 degrees plus humidity.

I'm sure I'm overreacting a bit. I could have gotten up and braved the dark and freezing world and lived to run another day, but as much as I love to run it just didn't feel worth it this morning. I'd like to believe that I'll work in a run later today sometime, however, with play group this morning, some much needed grocery shopping to accomplish sometime today, and a doctor's appointment this afternoon it's highly unlikely. As much as I hate running on treadmills, on days like today (and tomorrow with a low of 15 expected) I can see the appeal of running in shorts and a tank top while watching the morning news in the the warm cozy comfort of one's home...

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Stephanie said...

My goodness! I didn't realize it was so below-FREEZING up there! I think that would intimidate anyone. :(