Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Running Out of Time

Two years ago, for Christmas, my uncle gave me a gift certificate to the Eugene Running Company. I was pregnant with Leona at the time and wanted to use it for something that would be beneficial to me throughout my whole pregnancy (i.e. something that would fit me) so I got a sports watch. Before that point, I never used a watch to time my runs. I would roughly estimate my runs based on my start and finish time but nothing more scientific than that. Now, almost two years later, I have been absolutely addicted to knowing my pace and my splits and all sorts of other cool running information. Anyway, short story long, I lost my watch.

I didn't really lose it. Yes, it is not anywhere that I can find it, but I know that it is somewhere in my house, therefore not technically lost. I know it will eventually turn up, the question is when? We recently found two missing library books. One had been lost long enough that I had actually paid the library to replace it. The other had been missing long enough that Emme had to miss out on checking out a book at school for 3 consecutive weeks. So, things don't look so good for the rescue timeline for my watch... it has only been missing since Saturday afternoon... it has at least 3 more weeks before hopes of being discovered .

I didn't realize how addicted I am to timing my runs until I lost the ability to do so. Yesterday morning, I took Dan's ipod but got really frustrated with it because it was too touchy and I kept stopping the time when I was trying to check it. Today, I ran with the stroller and Leona. When I run with a stroller, instead of wearing my watch, I put it on the handle bar where I can see it and easily stop it while waiting at intersections. Well, on today's run, there were several times that I went to stop the timer only to find it not there. It was what I would imagine it would be to have an itch on a "phantom limb". I feel like I'm missing an appendage! Pretty pathetic, I know.

I'm trying to cope without my watch and to be completely honest I really haven't looked too hard for it, so I shouldn't be whining so much. Until I find it though, I'll have to make do. Tomorrow I think I'll give my new kitchen timer (thanks mom) a run through... get it, "run" through... ha ha ha I'm so funny.

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Janet said...

Wow, I know the feeling though. If I don't have a watch on my arm at all times I am constantly looking at my skin for the time. Good luck, I hope you find it soon. You're welcome on the kitchen timer. I guess I didn't know it would be used for a running timer. Hope it works out for you, good luck