Monday, October 12, 2009

Too Much?

Can you really put too much cinnamon and sugar on toast? As far as Calvin is concerned the answer to that question is no. Ever the resourceful (and impatient) child, Calvin decided to make himself breakfast this morning while I was doing Emme's hair. He got himself some yogurt (no problem there) but decided he would really enjoy some cinnamon and sugar toast to go with it. Bread, check. Butter, check. Cinnamon and sugar, check. All ingredients were laid out in a nice orderly pattern. The problems however, arose with the method. Calvin has had a fair amount of cinnamon and sugar toast in his 4 years of life but apparently has never really paid attention to how it's made. His first downfall was failing to toast the bread first. He was apparently saving that until last (which makes sense, since he would need me to get the toaster down for him). His second downfall was applying the cinnamon and sugar prior to the butter. He was aware that it wasn't sticking very well to the bread, but no worries there just add more until it does (or in his case until the entire contents, or at least the majority of the cinnamon and sugar jar are on the bread, counter, floor... really every surface in the entire kitchen). This is were I came in, as he was ready to toast. Oh, sweet, independent children. It kind of makes me nostalgic to the several other times they have "cooked" for themselves. In case you need a memory jog, go ahead and click HERE and HERE.

Anyway, I'm feeling great after my race. Went for a nice little run this morning and am feeling pretty motivated to run as long as my pregnant body will comfortably allow it.
Emme has a field trip today to the pumpkin patch. Last year she came home with a pumpkin and a bag full of nuts, raspberries, and apple and mud... mostly mud. I'll let you know what this year's trip brings.


Elizabeth said...

Very cute. Independance is a wonderful thing... most of the time. I can remember the 1st time Jake and MaKenna made their own cinnamon toast (what a mess). I also remember making my own cinnamon toast. Mom had a huge jar of sugar in the cupboard - so I used it. After I was done, I realized it was SALT. YUCK!

Marci said...

I've heard stories about suicidal eggs but I've never known anyone who had experienced them in their own home. Another reason why I think Calvin is awesome.