Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Naked Ladies, revisited

When I was interviewed on Runner's Lounge I started getting a lot more traffic on my blog. (If you missed the interview, feel free to check it out here.) Anyway, because of that traffic, I was curious to see who was checking me out, so I added a "feedjit" widget that shows where people viewing my blog are from and how they came to find it. It has been pretty interesting, I get people from all over the world. The most interesting thing (at least Dan and I find it entertaining) is to find out what people "googled" in order to come to a certain blog post.

I'm sure you won't be surprised to find out that my "random" traffic increased significantly after my "Naked Lady Party" post. I still get a couple hits daily with people coming to that particular entry after "googling" something along the lines of "naked ladies running". I would have to admit that as much as I'm sure lots of people enjoy looking at random naked ladies are you serious about naked ladies running?!? Seriously people, the naked body cannot look good running... way too much jiggling going on.

I would imagine that today's post will again increase my traffic. I would also imagine that the increased visitors will be quite disappointed to not only not find pictures of naked ladies but be tricked into reading through a blog about a pregnant, running mom in hopes to at least get some juicy story. Ha ha, jokes on you.

In alternate running news, Leona and I headed out for a nice fall afternoon run today. The original plan was to do a little 3 miler to the grocery story and back but instead we (who am I kidding, Leona doesn't care where we go) decided to run along the riverbank trail for a while. That "while" was supposed to be a 5 miler, but things were great (I really love running in the rain, Leona fell asleep, the only thing waiting at home for me was a couple loads of laundry and two kids' rooms in desperate need of cleaning...) so it turned into a pleasant 8 mile jaunt. I feel pretty good about it and was even able to finish it in time to take a super speedy shower and only be a couple minutes late to pick up Emme... sorry Emme.


Janet said...

I think your almost crazy. Glad you enjoy the rain and the long jaunt. It must come from running track when we lived on the coast. I hope you don't get too many strange people checking out your blog.

Stephanie said...

That is so cool that you got interviewed "Jogging Stroller Mom"! How fun - I'll be able to say I knew you before you were famous. :)

Dick said...

You're amazing, Laurie. I really wish that I could go run...just like you, I love running in the rain. How long can you keep running before your pregnancy makes you too uncomfortable to run?

Anonymous said...

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