Saturday, October 24, 2009

Monster Mash

I love Halloween!! I think it could be one of my favorite holidays. For that reason, I signed up a couple of weeks ago to participate in the Monster Mash, a local 5k race that supports Slocum center's orthopedic research. (The place that did Emme's cast.) It's an awesome "get ready for the Halloween season" race where participants are encouraged to wear costumes and they have prizes for the best ones. Although I didn't have a particular "costume" I grabbed some stripy socks and combined them with my pumpkin shirt from last year's Halloween and a bat headband that Emme picked out. I even worked up the courage to wear my running skirt (told you I'd probably wear it again) and topped it all off with orange and black fingernails. Sorry the pictures aren't the best I took them with my phone in the mirror... it's probably best that they are kind of blurry and from a distance (my belly really is starting to stick out!).

I hadn't said much about it to anyone because I wanted to keep it pretty low key and didn't really expect to do
very well. Mostly I thought it would just be kind of a "fun run". The race was today at 10am. We didn't even leave the house until 9:45 and I was afraid I'd miss the start but we made it in enough time that I was even able to stand in line at the bathroom for about 5 minutes and still have 3 minutes at the starting line (so much for a warm up though). There were quite a few people dressed up. Some of my favorite costumes were a couple in lederhosen and a guy dressed up like Nacho Libre (I took a creeper/stalker style picture with my phone). I also had a good friend running in the race who did awesome dressed like Bullwinkle (her adorable daughter was Rocky the Squirrel... they looked great!).

Anyway, the race itself went much better than I had anticipated. I ended up finishing 64th overall (out of 335 in the 5K, there was also a 5K-9 which had people running with dogs... somewhere around 600 people total) and 4th in my age group (out of 34). My official time was 22:49 which was 10 seconds faster than the Duck Dash. I was pretty pleased with my splits too, 7:11, 7:35 and 7:27 (with :30+ something for the final .11 miles). Overall, I had a lot of fun. At the finish line, they had an announcer on the loud speaker reading people's name as they came across the finish line. When I finished he said and here is "Laurie Higgins our first pumpkin across the line". I didn't win a random drawing prize, but we got some pretty cool pre-race swag, a trick-or-treat bag, a pair of Nike socks and a t-shirt. It was a fun, fun race... kind of makes me want to do more!


Elizabeth said...

Way to go! That is awesome.

Janet said...

You never cease to amaze me. Way to go!