Saturday, October 31, 2009

Game Day, Halloween... big, big day!

Happy Halloween! I have a bunch of pictures to post of Halloween parties and decorations, etc. but will wait until after tonight's festivities so that I can post them all at once. This year, Emme is going as "The Fairy of Halloween", (originally a witch, but who can turn down fairy wings), Calvin is going to be Darth Vader (never miss an opportunity to run around with a light saber) and Leona will be a fuzzy bunny with droopy ears (kind of looks like a lamb). They are all pretty cute (except for Calvin he's "not cute [he's] mean").

As for football day, it's a big, big game. We have U$C here at Autzen and it should be a pretty close game... which we have every chance of winning. ESPN's Gameday was in town this morning and they picked Oregon to win. (The video below is of Lee Corso dressed as the duck riding on the motorcycle...not a very good video but you get the idea.) Keep your finger's crossed! The game starts at 5pm which kind of impedes on trick-or-treating time, but we'll work something out. My biggest dilemma is whether I should wear my game day shirt or my pumpkin shirt when we head out...

Emme is doing great without her cast. Her wrist is pretty sore and I think her arm is quite stiff, but she is working hard to use it as much as she can and is being super tough.

Calvin went on his first school field trip the other day. They went to the pumpkin patch and had a great time. When I went to pick him up after school he had managed to sneak 3 pumpkins out of the patch and to the bus. His teacher said, "I don't know how Calvin managed to bring home 3 pumpkins, but he did." Leave it to Calvin to go above and beyond all expectations... he was sooooo proud of himself, "I carried all 3 pumpkins to the bus by myself". What a nutty kid!

Leona and I went for a nice run in the rain this morning. I've been trying to get at least 4 runs in a week and average somewhere between 16-20 miles total. I'm still feeling pretty great and am in pretty decent shape so it hasn't been too hard to stay motivated. I think that I might be slightly addicted to racing now. My last couple of races were a lot of fun. Every chance I get a search the race calendar and think about signing up for all sorts of races, but I think for right now, I'll just go into a "running in the rainy, Eugene winter, while pregnant, not so intense training" training mode.