Friday, October 23, 2009

All Geared Up

I did something yesterday that I didn't think I'd ever do... I ran in a skirt. I have really mixed feelings when it comes to running skirts. There are things about them that appeal to me... they can't ride up at all, like shorts can... and other things that I can't think of right now (or at least don't wish to share). On the other hand it is still a skirt. This particular skirt I happened to find at target on clearance for a price cheap enough that I thought it was worth a shot. Since the sun was out and it was really pretty warm, I decided to give it a shot. I pranced around the house, of course, first to see what I'd look like from all angles (pretty goofy, was the general consensus I gave myself, unfortunately only Leona was around to offer her opinion). Then I loaded Noni up into the stroller and we headed out the door. I was really pretty self-conscious at first, it probably didn't help that I was running through campus at lunch time, but once we got on the trail and past the frolf tournament/class I stopped worrying about what people thought so much. Overall it wasn't a terrible experience, I still prefer running in my capri-length tights when it isn't too warm, but I'll probably wear the skirt again.

As for other gear, I've worn the maternity belt a few times. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to position it on my hips/waist (ha ha as if I have a waist) but I think once I get a little bigger it will be a great "accessory". The one I have is the Gabrialla Maternity Belt, in case anyone is interested. I wear it over my Bella Band so it has a smoother fit and sometimes just the band alone feels pretty good support wise.

On my fun trip to Portland last weekend (it really was a blast, thanks Yvonne & mom), my mom hooked me up with an early birthday present which included a nice headband/ear warmer thingy (yes, that's its technical name) and an awesome running jacket (we hit the Nike outlet). The best thing about the jacket is that has normal rain repellent fabric on the top part that overlaps a stretchy spandex like material over the rest of the coat which will allow plenty of stretching for my ever stretching belly. It actually looks a lot cooler than I am making it sound.

I wore the ear covers the other morning but ended up getting too hot so had to take it off my ears, but once the temperature drops a little they are going to be awesome! I really like it because it's covered in reflective dots so people can see me coming when I'm out and about early. As for the jacket I wore it for probably 15 minutes total the other day on a run but it really was too warm and not raining hard enough to necessitate it. As we get deeper into Eugene fall/winter it will be very beneficial.

So, short story long, I've just about got all the gear I could ever need to keep running through this entire pregnancy and beyond. The only thing that I don't have that I will probably look into is some sort of headlamp to wear on my early morning runs... I haven't tripped yet but it's starting to get pretty dark and its inevitable that I will sooner or later if I don't do something to illuminate the path.

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