Tuesday, September 15, 2009

They're Here!!

My new shoes came today. I am soooooo excited. Dan picked them up from his buddy's house on the way home from school this evening and when he got home I had to take off for visiting teaching so I didn't really get to hang out with them, but now that I'm home I've been bouncing around the house in them. I really think I'm going to love them. When I saw them online, I wasn't too crazy about the color...I'm not the biggest purple fan, but they've definitely grown on me (it's more of a magenta than a purple) and I'm pretty excited to try them out (I already feel faster just thinking about running in them). Unfortunately, tomorrow I'm doing a tempo run and will be doing it on the bark trail so I'll wear my trail shoes (plus I really hate to get my new shoes all "barky" on their debut) but I might have to work in another run in the afternoon just to give them a go. So far, around my kitchen and up and down my stairs they feel great!

Anyway, here for your viewing pleasure are my new kicks (Nike Lunarglide+) in their first ever modeling gig:

Don't they look just smashing. Actually, the computer doesn't do them justice, the yellow is much more of a bright lime green in person. We don't have a digital camera anymore (I'm soooo sad) so all of my pictures (for a while at least) will be from my phone or the camera on our laptop (probably not the best quality, but it will have to sufice).

As for other news that isn't my new shoes (is there anything else?) things are going well. We are all mostly over our illnesses. Leona is still holding onto the runny nose and cough but hanging in. Emme is loving school and has made some new friends. She also will be starting soccer this week and is looking forward to that. Calvin will start preschool next week. Yesterday his teacher came by to visit and he didn't say a word the entire hour that she was here...it should be interesting. Dan is working hard at work and school. He has another DUII trail next week and is doing an amazing job of juggling "real" lawyer work with law school work. As for me, I'm a couple days short of being 16 weeks pregnant and (depending on what I wear) have an obvious pot belly. My next appointment is a week from Friday and then we should be setting up the ultrasound to find out (for sure, we definitely have our assumptions) if its a boy or girl. That's all I have time for now, it's getting late and I am way past being tired. I've been kind of slacking, I'll try to be more diligent in my posting...

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Janet said...

Hey, the shoes look great. Maybe they will make you run faster and jump higher! haha I hope you really like them when you run.