Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Super Slacker

I have not been blogging. I haven't been reading blogs, I haven't been keeping up on my own. It even cost me an awesome prize. Apparently, I was selected as a winner for a pretty cool giveaway but missed out on it due to my lack of blogginess... so sad, poor me. However, the prize is up for grabs again, so you should check it out.

Anyway, we're all really sick here again (luckily not Dan though). Emme woke up with a really bad cold the last day we were in Klamath (August 22nd) and passed it on to Calvin, Leona & me. Luckily Calvin and Emme seem to finally be on the upswing, however Leona and I are still deep in the throws of it and I seem to have developed the flu on top of it. (Hopefully it is the flu, if this is some sort of 2nd trimester, nausea, can't keep anything down thing I'll be really irritated!)

I was able to run through it all last week and even got in a decent track workout and a 9-miler, but so far this week it is all I can do to drag myself out of bed, not to mention get dressed and get everyone fed...

Unfortunately that puts a pretty decent kink in my training plan, but I know that right now rest is what my body needs... maybe I'll come back better and stronger (unless of course I die, Dan thinks I have Swine Flu... ha ha).

I'm excited for September and fall weather. Emme starts school on the 9th and is really excited to be going into 1st grade. Calvin is going to go to preschool this year but won't start until the week of the 21st. Dan is on his second week of school and things seem to be going well for him. He has a really big trial that starts on Thursday (which is why it's really important for him not to get sick too) that he has been skipping class to get ready for. I'm sure he will do great and he can celebrate killing on jury selection & opening statements by watching Oregon beat up on Boise State... GO DUCKS!!!

I will do my best to stop being such a super slacker and get on here more often. I promise to post pictures of the zoo and our trip to Crater Lake soon...

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