Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quick Updates

It's a rare occasion that I have internet access these days, so I'm taking quick advantage of it. Unfortunately my time is very, very short (I should be making breakfast and getting my kids ready for school) so this will be quick.

Emme is doing much better. Her arm is still broken and in a cast (much to her dismay). We go in to see the doctor in a week, hopefully to give us a timeline for cast removal. She went to school yesterday and things went well. Also, yesterday afternoon a group of Dan's buddies stopped by with a card and fancy pens to sign her cast. I think she thought that was pretty cool. I was pretty impressed that a group of 6 20+ year olds would be interested enough in Dan's family to go out and by a beautiful butterfly card and sparkly pens for his 5 year old daughter. Way to go "Agate Station"!

Calvin had his open house for preschool yesterday. It started off pretty slowly, he wouldn't talk to or look at anyone. Apparently, he is afraid they will all laugh at him... poor kid, that breaks my heart. After a little bit though, a friend of his from church showed up and she got him to play and actually seem like he was enjoying himself a bit. Tomorrow will be his first real day, we'll see how it goes.

Leona had her weight progress check-up and has luckily improved a bit. She now weights 19.4 pounds which moves her up to the 10th percentile (from the 5th) and is 30 inches long, which keeps her in the 50th for height. The doctor is pleased with her progress, so at this point we don't have to supplement her diet with anything special.

Dan is still trucking along in school and work and all things college football. The ducks pulled of a decent win last weekend, hopefully they can look a little bit better against Cal on Saturday.

As for me, I'll be 17 weeks on Thursday and will go for my next checkup on Friday. I'm definitely showing (although I don't think people can really tell yet). As for running, it's going great because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new shoes. They haven't made me faster (oh well) but they sure feel great while I'm running.

Hopefully we'll get our internet situation resolved soon... until then, sporadic, informative posts will be the best I can offer...


me/mom/NANA said...

Thanks for the updates. It is good to hear that all is going well. It surprises me that Calvin had a hard time at his open house. I would think knowing him that after just a few minutes he would be running the place. I love your shoes. I wonder if I got some fancy shoes like that I could run. Probably not. All our love to you and that beautiful family. Nana and Papa

Stephanie said...

Man, I'm so behind! I'm so sorry to hear about Emme's poor arm! That's crazy that they had to put her under and everything. Sounds like the guys from Dan's school cheered her up a bit more, too. What a trooper. I'm sure that Calvin will do great once he starts meeting a few of the boys in his class. So glad to hear your shoes are working out well. How fun! And good for Leona, too! She'll be facing forward in her carseat no time! :P

John and Sarah Sperry said...

I've heard that people can run when they're pregnant, I just don't get it. Don't you feel off balance or particularly bouncy in the mid-section? I'm very impressed, though!