Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Poor Poor Emme

Poor Emme fell off the monkey bars at school today and (I assume) landed on her arm (well and her side and her face). She scratched up her belly and her face and broke her arm. She actually broke it pretty badly. Just a chip off her ulna, kind of by her wrist, but if you look at the x-ray images below you can see the obvious break in her radius. She has really been quite a trooper. She has cried a fair amount but her doctor was really impressed by the fact that she wasn't screaming her head off. He said that honestly the films made him sick to his stomach. (It was pretty obvious just looking at her arm that it was broken.) They put a temporary cast on it for the evening but she'll go in early tomorrow morning to have the orthopedic surgeon set the bone, which will have to be done under general anesthesia and then she'll get a beautiful cast pink I would imagine...isn't everyhting better in pink?!?

Here she is being brave (and feigning happiness) after they casted her arm.

Below are the pictures I took (off the computer while we were waiting in the room) of her x-rays. If you're especially squeamish (Dan, don't look again...) you might not want to check them out too closely.


Marci said...

I swear those monkey bars are the arm's natural nemesis. I love that big Emme smile. I swear, if I could have Rocky be like one girl I know it would be her. She is the best and I'm so sorry that she is hurt. I remember that when I was little I thought it would be really cool to get a cast. Maybe it will be a little bit fun once it stops hurting.

me/mom/NANA said...

Nana and Papa are so sorry to hear the sweet, sweet Emme is hurt. Wish we could be there to do something besides praying. Maybe we can think of something we can do from here. We love you Emme and call if you need something.
Nana and papa

Janet said...

I'm so sorry that Emme got hurt. She really is tough. When I was 5 I broke my leg and after it stops hurting is really is kind of fun to be the one with a cast.