Thursday, September 17, 2009

Monkey Girl

Emme made it through everything okay. She was super brave and had no problems with the anesthesia. Here are some shots of the brave patient.

They had a special room set up for her complete with a purple gown, cool purple knee socks (with paw prints for traction) and a purple stuffed monkey. They kept calling her the "monkey girl" (since she broke her arm swinging on the monkey bars) which she thought was pretty silly.

Check out those socks!!

Here she is post "surgery" with her new cast. Unfortunately they didn't have any pink for her cast, so she's stuck with an ugly white one but we'll decorate it and make it look nice and pretty. I think that Dan's buddies are all planning to come over and sign it for her. She really got a kick out of riding in the wheel chair out to the car. "This is the first wheel chair I've ever ridden in". Let's hope it's the last for a while, Emme. As you can see, she's still sporting the cool purple socks!


John and Sarah Sperry said...

Poor little sweetie! I hope she feels better and it heals soon!! What a scary thing to have to go through!

Tom North said...

Sweet socks!

Janet said...

Love those purple socks! Emme is the bravest little monkey around.