Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's been a week...

I haven't gone running in a week now. A couple days ago I thought I may never run again because I felt so sick. I honestly didn't feel like I was ever going to have the energy to actually get outside and get going. That was of course just me, being overly dramatic. Today I can feel that running is again in my future. Not today and not tomorrow, but hopefully Monday. I'm sad because I've missed out on a whole week of training and after having been so sick I don't plan to "bounce" right back into it...but what can you do? I still have the cold that I started out with, but luckily the flu bug I caught (or Leona shared with me) wasn't much more than a 24 hour thing. Poor Emme and Calvin were sick all day yesterday, which only leaves Dan unscathed. I don't know how he's managed to stay so healthy, but I'm glad for him. His big trial ended yesterday (with a win for him...good job!) so I would imagine any adrenaline he had going for it will come to an end soon... hopefully it sustained him long enough to ward off our germs.

Anyway, as promised, here are some pictures of our trip to the zoo a few weeks ago. It is mostly just pictures of the kids. I got a few animal shots, but there really wasn't a whole lot to see.

Emme pretending to be an eagle.
Leona loved the fish.... she was sooooo excited!

Emme & Calvin really enjoyed petting the goats,
but Emme was concerned that they were going to eat her shirt.
Calvin was much more impressed with this cardboard cutout of the baby elephant than he was of the elephant itself.

Calvin's day was made when we saw the crocodile. It even made a loud, scary noise for him and snapped its jaws.

So, that's it, our trip to the zoo. Leona wasn't much for posing in pictures. We also saw a sunbear, a very large elk, a giraffe, the back end of a polar bear, some bats, the fattest hippopotamus ever (who was of course sleeping) and some really smelly monkeys and penguins (not together of course... although that would have been interesting!). We didn't see any lions or tigers much to Emme's dismay. Overall we had a great trip, it was a lot of fun to get away together as a family!

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Dick said...

Sorry you guys have been so sick. Tell Dan congrats on winning his first case...I'm sure that there'll be many more like it in his future!

It always amazes me what a great looking family you guys make...I'd much rather see pictures of your family than the animals at the zoo.