Thursday, September 3, 2009

Go Ducks!

Big football game tonight and since I'm still in the throes of death I can't make my ritual game day run for good luck but I think we'll be okay anyway. We'll all still wear our duck gear and maybe have green and yellow pancakes for dinner (since it's a night game), which is the best we can do to be prepared. Unfortunately (for us) the game is on ESPN and since we don't have cable we'll have to settle for watching it on the internet. My loser sister will actually be at the game, but she is cheering for the wrong team so that won't do us much good either. Anyway, it should be a good game (as long as the ducks win) check it out. ESPN tonight at 7:30pm. Go Ducks!

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Janet said...

Sorry about the game. The ducks really didn't play their best game last night. The fight at the end was ineresting, I suspect that Blount will be penalized for that one.