Sunday, August 2, 2009

Naked Ladies & Running Faster

Before you get too excited, this post actually has nothing to do with naked ladies running fast or really naked people at all. Although, I would imagine if naked ladies were running they would be doing it pretty quickly....I know I would be. Now I'm getting side tracked, but since I've gotten onto the subject of naked running there is an annual race in Boulder, Colorado (and elsewhere I believe) called the "naked pumpkin run", where people run through the streets (or at least a few blocks before the police break it up) naked with a pumpkin on their head. It's pretty crazy...I haven't participated (and definitely don't have plans too) but I've seen some clips (search carefully, or you might get more than you've bargained for) and heard good things (again, I'll take their word for naked running for me).

Anyway, back to my naked ladies. I went to a really cool "Naked Lady Party" last night (again, don't get too excited). It was basically a clothing/accessories/whatever else you want to bring exchange. It was a lot of fun. I cleaned out my closets and got rid of two bags of clothes I never wear along with several pair of shoes and some jewelry and purses. In return I came home with several new skirts, quite a few tops, a really cool scarf and a few pair of new (to me at least) shoes. Probably, more than anything, it was just great to get out without the kids and spend some time with adults talking about adult things...even if no one ended up getting naked....

As for the running fast, I've discovered that I run much faster (training wise at least) when I'm pushing a stroller. I went on a little five mile run yesterday and pushed Leona with me. I did it at a nice comfortable pace, with no real concern about time and ended up running at a pace that was a whole minute per mile faster than I ran the other day on a short 2 miler. For a comparison, it would be the difference of running a marathon in 3 1/2 hours compared to running one in close to 4 1/2 hours...a pretty big difference over the long run (pun not intended). I don't know why this is. I have some ideas, though... Maybe I run faster with the stroller because I'm more motivated, i.e. I want to look good when people see me or, maybe I have no choice but to run faster because the stroller literally pulls me down the hills...whatever the case I really enjoy running with the stroller and I think I'm going to try to do it more often.


Janet said...

Hey, Whatever it takes to run faster I guess. Good job on the new clothes.

Dick said...

Forget about what your mom says. Keep your clothes on and just ride the jogging stroller down the hills. Steph left a ton of clothes...take a look at them when you come down to meet Janna.