Wednesday, July 29, 2009

still hot

Yep, it's still pretty hot here, 106 yesterday and about the same or higher today. To top it off, Leona has been running a fever the past 3 days and well, the following pictures of her, taken throughout the morning, pretty much sum up her mood:

With the exception of Leona, though, we are having a pretty good time and surviving the heat for the most part. Yesterday we had a great evening of eating dinner outside while soaking wet from the wading pool and today we spent the day celebrating Calvin's 4th birthday.
It ended up being a pretty great day, with lots of Star Wars items, this card from Nana & Papa that played the Star Wars theme was a huge even got Leona to give up a smile
We all got up early so Calvin could open some presents before Dan went to work and then had cake, pinata and more presents after Dan got home from work. In between the festivities, we also took a trip to the wading pool and had a lot of fun playing Star Wars and more Star Wars.

I took several pictures of the pinata. I was pretty proud of it. Originally it was supposed to be a soccer ball, but creating the round soccer ball shape posed a problem for me so, with Calvin's permission of course, we made a last minute change to a pirate themed party. Ultimately, I was sad to see it smashed into bits, but he had such a blast doing it, it was worth it. For the grand finale, Calvin discovered that the scooter he had been begging for for the past 6 months had miraculously appeared in the basement while we were eating cake. He really had a great day, which is funny, considering that yesterday (mostly to upset Emme I believe) he had decided that we should completely skip his birthday and go right to the 30th.

In running news, I didn't make it out yesterday morning, but did manage to get a run in early today. I can't believe how slow my runs are. I think I'm going to have to take Leona here pretty soon just to see if I really run that much faster when pushing the jogger or if I've just become that slow...


me/mom/NANA said...

I love the pictures and the one of Leona in the green chair is my favorite I think. She looks so sad and miserable. I am guessing she is cutting teeth. Poor baby. I just walked 1.2 miles and my time is 30 minutes. So compared to that you are the speed of lightening. Enjoy the rest of your summer, and keep the pictures coming. We love seeing them.

Janet said...

Hey, looks like the birthday was pretty good overall. Too bad Leona wasn't feeling a little better! I imagine you are still running pretty fast even without the jogging stroller. I lvoe the pictures

Marci said...

That cake is the coolest one I've ever seen. It is appropriate that it was for Calvin who is the coolest kid I know. You're such a great mom.

Jon and Julie said...

We haven't been quite as hot as Eugene, but Seth has been running a fever too! Yuck! Heat is not so nice to babies.

Awesome pinata! Happy Birthday to Calvin.

Jacob and Stephanie said...

OO, I was right! Pirates! :P That's so cool that you actually made your own pinata! Love the cake - and it looks like Calvin had an absolute blast. I hope that Leona is feeling better ASAP. That's no fun. :(