Friday, July 3, 2009

Painting as Cross-training?

For the past several days, I have spent almost every spare minute I had painting my grandma's fence. (My spare minutes, thanks to Leona, are fairly hard to come by, so it isn't really as much time as I make it sound.) The kids and I are staying with her while we are "vacationing" here in Klamath Falls. I left my new book at home and with plenty of free time on my hands, I thought it would be a fun project. I get really ambitious when it comes to painting...I always want to do it, but once I get started I remember why no one else ever wants to...

Anyway, this is my first time painting a fence and I have learned a few lessons:
1. When painting a fence in the front yard of a fairly busy street make sure you are familiar with local streets as you will be asked many, many, many times for directions.

2. If not comfortable talking to nosy neighbors while wearing a bikini top and short shorts, it is best to dress more conservatively.

3. Painting a fence takes lots and lots of paint.

4. Buying more paint takes lots and lots of time, as the paint guy at home depot likes to take his sweet time adding the color despite the fact that your kids are obviously bored out of their minds and can only be distracted by paint sample colors a few times before catching on to your desperate ploy and having light saber battles with the paint stirring sticks.

5. When your daughter wakes up at 5:30am and you strap her in the stroller for an early morning run, but instead decide to paint the fence, she will not go back to sleep. Instead, you will end up with a fussy baby (all day) who you are pushing back and forth in the stroller with one hand while trying to finish painting the fence section with your other hand.

6. Fence painting is a legitimate cross-training activity. Not only do you work your forearm, shoulder and back muscles but it can be quite a leg workout too with all the sitting, standing and crouching to reach the various sections of the fence. You can also get in some decent sprints if you let your soon to be one year old roam around in the yard while painting...set her down in the far corner of the yard, then run to the fence and paint as much as you can before she gets close, then grab her before she gets in the paint can (trust me, you don't want her to get into it), rush her back to the corner of the yard and repeat either until you finish the fence or she decides she's had enough and complains loudly enough the nosy neighbors start poking their heads out.

So, it took me 3 days, probably somewhere between 10-15 hours of total work to finish, I think 14 sections of the fence. Today, two of my cousins, a boyfriend of one of theirs and my aunt completed the remaining 8 sections in less than 2 hours. Unfortunately the helpers I had (Emme, Calvin & Leona) were little more than extreme least it's done.

On a side note, I was able to get the single jogger in the car and have enjoyed a couple of really pleasant 6+ mile runs with Leona and my ankle seems to be back to normal...I must have just strained it somehow.


Tom North said...

That's good news about your ankle and I'm glad someone was able to finish that project that I started! Nice Job Laurie!

Jacob and Stephanie said...

Wow, I had no idea painting could be such a project...oh, wait, EVERYTHING is a project with the fam in tow. :S You're amazing to do what you did! And I'm so happy to hear that your ankle is literally up and running again!