Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Running with the Cows

I've actually been having a pretty good time running here in Klamath Falls. I really enjoy running on the OC&E Trail. Usually, it's not too fun to run out and back in a completely straight line, but it's been fun. The thing that is nice about the trail is that it has markers for every half mile, which makes it really easy to increase mileage. You can literally see the markers way down the line and because it's so straight, they don't seem that far away. So, I tell myself, "Self ('cuz that's what I call myself) if you just run to that next marker which is only half a mile away, then you will add another whole mile to your run." Then, when I get there and it wasn't that bad and I can see the next marker, I repeat the conversation in my head...that's how I ended up running 10 miles last Saturday (which is the furthest I've run in a while)...well, that and the fact that Leona thought it would be fun to get up on 4th of July at 5am (what else should one do at such an obscene hour than go running?!?).
Speaking of my 10 was pretty interesting. It felt great, but at about mile 3, I started to notice a big black shape on the trail...

I was pretty sure it was a cow, but it was far enough ahead of us that I was only 95% sure...I was 98% sure though, that it looked kind of aggressive & mean and I was 100% positive that the 140lbs that makes up Leona, the jogging stroller and me wouldn't be much match for the (how much do cows weigh?) monstrosity looming towards us. The problem was, that at this point I had already decided that I wanted to do the 10 miles and I was still close to 2 miles from my turn around. What to do, what to forward and hope that it was a cow and not a bull and hope it wasn't too grumpy or head back and admit defeat...

I've never been much of a quitter, so we pressed forward. The cow (thankfully no horns) turned sideways on the trail before jogging a few paces ahead of us then turning back again. This continued until finally she found a spot where she could get off the trail and into a field. I'm sure it wasn't the right field though, as there were no cows on that side. I could almost hear all her friends mooing their support, "woo who...Betty Lou! yay! way to show that runner this is our trail!"
Anyway, we made it unscathed and although Leona hid her eyes for a bit, she thoroughly enjoyed the run.

So, tomorrow (I believe) we will be heading back to Eugene. It will be good to be home but we've had a great time while we were here. My grandma had a big Luau 4th of July party which involved dressing up...Emme loved it!
We've also had the opportunity to watch a lot of movies (including a french one with English subtitles) and do some swimming in my parent's pool. The kids have had a lot of fun, learning to swim without floaties (Emme), completely giving up crawling for walking (Leona), sleepovers with Nana, shopping with Great-Grammy and playing with OG but they've sure missed their Daddy (hopefully Leona will still remember who he is!).

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Dick said...

I love running (I should say USED to love running) the OC&E Trail. Try running it at see stuff like the cow (or the rabid dog that tries to eat passers-by)...but they appear suddenly out of the dark. Talk about a rush of adrenaline! It's a good way to cut your minutes per mile!