Monday, July 27, 2009

hot, hot, hot!!!

Wow, it's hot and oh my goodness it's only supposed to get hotter. I don't know how hot it was today, but I know that it's supposed to cool down to 90 by 9pm and 77 by midnight. Tomorrow I believe we are supposed to top out at 103. I love, love, love warm weather but only if I can hang out all day at the lake/ocean/pool...any other body of water. Today I had to settle for our little wading pool, which sufficed, but could use some improvements, i.e. 10-15 feet in depth, a good 50 feet in width and while we're at it a nice sandy beach and some palm trees...maybe even a few less little ones splashing in it!

Anyway, I made it out for a run this morning. When my alarm went off, I didn't feel all that great and contemplated skipping it, but sucked it up and got out anyway. It was good. I went completely by myself which was nice and there weren't too many people out (most don't hit the trails until 6 or so). I only went 2.7 miles but I think that was enough for today. I didn't realize that according to my log, I've only run once in the past 20 days and that was almost two weeks ago. My goal is to run at least 5 days this week, but keep the mileage low to kind of get back into things. I think that is reasonable.

Running by myself was kind of nice but had it's downside too. I really enjoy having the jogging stroller to put all my "trinkets" in. I like to take my cell phone and water and keys to the house, long sleeved shirt... but I don't like to carry them, so having the stroller and all it's compartments is very convenient. In addition, I cannot stand to carry things or have things on my wrist when I am running, yet I have become addicted to timing my runs.

For Christmas two years ago, my uncle gave me a gift certificate to the Eugene Running Company. At the time I was 2 months pregnant with Leona and as much as I wanted to get some cool running wear I wanted to have something that I could use on my runs throughout my whole pregnancy so I got a watch. I have never worn a watch because it drives me crazy to have it on my wrist, but I figured I could just attach it to the stroller handle. I did and it worked great, it's super easy to check my time/pace and I don't have to wear it. It hasn't missed a run with me since. So, it drove me crazy this morning but only for about a mile and I'm sure as I continue to run sans stroller (which is my intention now that Leona sleeps later) I'll get used to it. There are some nice things about pushing a stroller though, not to mention that fact that I seem to run faster when I am, I was just plain slooooooooow today (maybe I shouldn't time my runs!)...oh well.


Dick said...

It's not too pleasant in Klamath either,'s been in the mid to high 90s for a couple of weeks. Since it's dryer here it's probably not as miserable as Eugene, but I'm still looking forward to a little cooler weather. Hope you get back in shape quickly, and that your morning sickness is short lived. Good luck with your watch...I could never get used to one.

Jacob and Stephanie said...

Oh man, I feel ya with the heat. It's been 110 here! How about those passes to Amazon? You have to use those while you can - no AC could kill you guys. :( At least it cools down in the evenings. I got up early to run and it was already 90! UGH!