Sunday, July 5, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen, this blog has been hijacked. This is NOT Laurie posting this. This is someone that wants to let everyone know how great his wife is. OK, so I admit it. It's Laurie's husband posting this.

Laurie has been in Klamath Falls visiting family now for working on a week. She's been shuttling our three children from house to house visiting family. She does such a great job of splitting time while she's in Klamath. She's also managed to paint (at least a portion) of her grandmother's fence. She's even managed to get in a few runs while down there.

Her last run was a 10 mile jog. She's very dedicated to her running. 10 miles after being off for a while and at about 4000 feet higher elevation than normal isn't a small task. I'm very proud of her.

This is turning into a very poor rambling session, but I really want everyone to know how much I love my wife. She's a wonderful human being and my best friend. I think everyone should know how great she really is. I love you sweetheart.



Laurie said...

I was quite surprised when I got on here to write about my run. I think my husband has been away from me for too long and is slightly exaggerating my character... Nonetheless, it was a pleasant surprise and literally made my day/night. Thank you're too good to me, I love & miss you lots.

Everyone else will have to wait for my recap of the 10 mile run until another time, I'm headed to bed.

Dick said...

I won't argue with you Dan...she's really someone special. It amazes me that she's able to do all the stuff she does, and still take such good care of the kids. You guys make a pretty good couple. Sorry you couldn't make it down to Klamath...I would like to have seen you.

Jacob and Stephanie said...

She really is amazing, Dan! Love you, Laurie! :)