Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Week Already?

I knew it had been a few days since I got the chance to get on here and write, but I didn't realize it had been a whole week....so I guess it's time for some updates:

I didn't think the weather would ever feel like summer, but finally we're back up into the upper 70's. The kids and I even had the opportunity to spend the day at the pool. I've never spent time at our pool outside of lap swim...it has some really awesome things for little ones, including a sandy play area, two separate "kiddie pools" and some pretty cool water wheel sprinkler thingies (and yes, that is the official name). Emme & Calvin had a blast the whole time and Leona kicked and splashed for a solid 30 minutes before she crashed for a nice hour nap right there on the pool deck. As soon as she woke up she was raring to go again.

Lap Swim:
I was all excited to go on Saturday. I got everyone lunch and they were playing happy. I "fixed" my suit so I wouldn't flash everyone (gotta love my post nursing body...or should I say lack there of?...I can't believe I'm wearing the same suit I swam in last summer when I was pregnant, needless to say it doesn't fit the same) and got to the pool 2 minutes before it opened for lap swim. Only problem was there was a swim meet...insert curses and swears here...I was sooooo disappointed. I did manage to make it to swim last night though and had a somewhat pleasant time, although I found myself competing with the swimmer in the next lane. I was wearing one of my sister's Boise State caps and my fellow lap swimmer had on a St. Mary's one, so I felt I needed to at least make an attempt to look good for Boise State's swim team.

Well, had I posted yesterday, I probably wouldn't had anything good to say. Since I've started easing slowly back into it my ankle has been touch and go. I've been doing my best to take it slowly, only running every other day for really short runs, but it's been really hard for me to do. I went out tonight with Leona after dinner (there's a mistake...something about a belly full of lasagne, bread, salad & milk and running up 24th to Fairmont don't mix) and ended up having a really good run. My ankle hasn't been hurting at all today so I started off gingerly, but couldn't help but pick up the pace once I got up the hill. It was still close to 80 degrees, but it felt great. Leona was asleep before we got 2 blocks from our house and I just ran....it felt soooo good. I didn't really feel that I was going that fast, but as I passed the law school I checked my watch and realized I could possibly beat my last time for that route, so I picked it up a bit. It was only 2.6 miles, but I averaged 8:04/mile which is quite a bit faster than I have been running lately, so when all was said and done, I felt pretty good about it. I'll still continue the every other day thing for a bit and slowly start increasing my mileage (ankle willing).

Kids & Dan:
Emme is officially done with kindergarten. We got her report card today and she did really well...even showed improvement from the first half of the year (specifically, she "realized that it is okay that they don't get to play in the doll house every day"). They had an end of the year picnic where each kinder jumped through a hoop to signify going into 1st grade. Calvin of course, being the genius that he is, cut in front of Emme, hopped through the hoop (despite his sister's protests) and is now gearing up to not only start school a year early, but do so in the first grade! He also, daily points out things that he wants for his birthday and daily checks the calendar to see how close we are getting to it. Must be fun to still look forward to birthdays.
Leona is becoming more likeable. She is also becoming braver as she has discovered that walking on hardwood floors and pool decks is much better than crawling on them.
Dan is working hard and getting a glimpse of what life after law school may entail. I think we'd all agree that if given the choice we'd take student hours over work hours any day. Too bad he can't get paid to go to school forever...

I think I've rambled on enough. I'll try to post more frequently so you don't have to read so much. I've been quite negligent in putting up pictures too...some to come soon, I promise.

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Marci said...

I already liked Leona. I think that the fact that Calvin figured out the symbolism makes him ready to skip out on kindergarten. I'm glad to hear that you guys are doing so well, and that you are still blogging.