Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Steep Hill" Repeats

I went on a great run yesterday. I didn't get up early, so it meant running with the double jogger, but lately (since the weather has warmed up) Calvin has enjoyed running with me a lot more ( rain cover) fact, he's been back to telling me we need to go. The thing that made this run so great, was that I didn't have a plan of where to go or how far before I left. Sometimes that can be a negative thing, but yesterday it turned out quite well. Calvin said he wanted to go up the hill, which meant we ran up 24th and around Fairmont (backwards first mile of the Eugene Marathon), to 15th where we could cruise by the law school and Hayward field. This particular route is usually one of my shorter runs (only 2.6 miles with the whole loop) but instead of heading up Agate towards our house, I was feeling good, Leona was sleeping and Calvin wanted to go across the "big bridge" so we headed through campus, across Franklin Blvd to the Autzen Footbridge. Normally, once I cross the bridge I turn off on the riverbank trail, but since Calvin was with me, we decided it would be more fun to run around Autzen.
I'm glad we did, because just a little bit down the path from where I thought the "Steep Hill" was, I discovered the illusive (and the real) "Steep Hill".  This time I'm sure, it is the same hill as in the pictures from the race site.  So, for your viewing pleasure, The Steep Hill...
Luckily, it isn't quite as steep as the hill I originally thought was it...however, it is a little bit steeper than it looks in this picture.  So, as I was standing there looking at it (and taking pictures with my phone) Calvin asked if I was going to run up the "big, big hill".  Sure, why not?  So I ran up.  Then he says, "Do it again mommy, do it 3 times, because I'm 3."  Okay Calvin, but you have to keep track for me.  So, up the hill again I went...3 more times.  It really wasn't so bad and I found a pretty good way to make it up the hill.  However, I wasn't done.  "You should do it more Mommy.  5 times because Emme is 5."  Okay, I said, thinking only 2 more times...but no he meant to start over...5 more times.  So, 8 Steep Hill really wasn't so bad, in fact it got me really thinking about the race.  I'd like to do it, to see how the hill is during the race and not just in the middle of a training run.  Here is a picture of Calvin & Leona from the top.
(Calvin really didn't want his picture taken, he is hiding his face in this fact, after I told him I was going to take it anyway, he attempted to retaliate by claiming to lose count...silly boy.)

I had another good run today, but nothing much to write about, although it was amazingly muggy...yuck!  I should mention, though that over the past few days I've been dealing with a funky ankle. It started kind of hurting last Friday and swelled up after my swim on Saturday.  I took Sunday & Monday off and it seemed to get better, so I've been taking it fairly easy (minus the hill runs) yesterday & today.  I've done a little research on stress fractures and hopefully that isn't what I have.  I haven't decided what I'm going to do tomorrow...probably at the very least low mileage, maybe just a swim if I can work it in.  All I know is I'm not ready to take time off, I feel like I'm just getting going...

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Tom North said...

Ya taking time off sucks! My knee is really jacked up and I haven't been able to run on it all all since my race. Biking and swimming don't seem to hurt it too bad so that's what I've been doing to hopefully stay in shape for my race in July. I'd thought about signing up for another race for this month but I talked myself out of it. I would say take whatever measures you need to in order to stay healthy....not be able to run is flat out depressing.