Friday, June 12, 2009

6 Days & Counting

Well, today is day six of my self-prescribed six day rest/recovery. It seems like it's been a lot longer than 6 days though (of course, maybe that's just today...Emme didn't have school and we stayed in all was a looooong day). I've had longer breaks from running, but none that I was forced to take (usually it was just me, feeling lazy or unmotivated), I think that is why this particular break has been so hard for me. Unfortunately though, I don't think 6 days off is going to be quite enough for my ankle. I've done a couple of "test runs" (i.e. across the parking lot at the grocery store...down the street when we were running late to pick up Emme...) and I think I'm far from being "healed". Most of the swelling is gone, but I suppose the best thing for me, physically speaking, is more rest, however, emotionally speaking I need to run. I'm going to go to lap swim tomorrow (assuming there are no lightning storms) and give it the weekend, but Monday morning I'm going to get back out there (imagine Rocky running up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art to "Eye of the Tiger") and see how it goes.

In my last post, I mentioned that I would start counting runners as they passed my house, well, I didn't. I found a better hobby...watching our new guppies and snails. Yeah, pretty exciting... You gotta love kindergarten pets needing a home at the end of the year. The other day, Emme asked if she could have a guppy (yep, I said "a" guppy, as in one/singular/uno...) so we went to school to pick it up and Polly (her teacher, first names only here at Edison) wouldn't let us leave with less than 5 guppies and just for fun, she threw in 5 snails too. So, now we are the proud owners of 5 guppies, 5 snails and 2 beautiful pieces of pond grass (?). Where are they living, you ask? Well, in my biggest Tupperware bowl of course...what else?!? Today we finally got around to naming them, Emme let Calvin name one fish and one snail, lets see if you can guess which ones:

Great Big Brother (GB for short)
Tata (like tater without the "er)
and Calvin Thomas Higgins

Needless to say, we are in search of a fish tank (at some point I might need that bowl) and are anxious every morning to see how many there are...hoping that none have died or worse, multiplied...maybe the title of this post should have been "5 & Counting".


RunnerMom said...

Hi, Laurie! I'm glad you commented on my blog. From your profile, we have much in common--- I'm a mom of three as well, my husband is a lawyer in private practice, I like to dabble in a little writing, and I fit in a little running as well! I'm also on a 7-day hiatus from running. I had minor surgery last week. I hate the thought of a week without a single run.

I look forward to reading more about you! And I think I'll be running in my bra when I get back out there! (At least once anyway)

Jacob and Stephanie said...

Love the new pet names. Francis the Snail. Has a nice ring to it. I hope your ankle decides to cooperate soon.