Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Slow & Steady (not always so good)

I love snails.  It's a pretty silly thing to like so much, especially since they are considered to be a pest.  I know that most "normal" Eugenians (as if there is such a thing) detest them.  I think that is for two reasons:  1.  Snails eat plants, therefore gardeners hate them...there are lots of beautifully detailed gardens here in Eugene and lots  of tiresome gardeners and 2.  There are lots of snails, due to the lots of gardens and lots of rain...anytime there is an abundance of a pest, it is inevitably detested.  That being said, I love snails.  I think it is something about their antennae? (maybe tentacles) and the way they slowly but steadily head off on their journey.

So, what do snails have to do with running?  Well, there is the obvious...snails relate to running because they are slow and steady and according to the famous fable "slow and steady wins the race"...but I really don't buy into that...if you want to win, I'm sorry, you have to be fast.  I'm writing about snails, because I love them and therefore don't want to smash them.  There are few things less disconcerting to me than the sound of smashing a snail shell under my foot.  It crunches in a way nothing else does...well, maybe kind of like a handful of Doritos (mmmm, makes you want to have some chips doesn't it?!?) The sound is awful, yet the sight of a smashed snail is almost worse.  The shell is broken into little pieces and there is slime everywhere...worse is when the snail seems to have somewhat survived the trauma...yikes!

Anyway, I hate smashing snails, but sometimes it is unavoidable...especially when running early in the morning, after a night of light rain, while pushing a jogging stroller...some things just can't be helped.  Poor snails...too bad they aren't a little bit faster.

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Dick said...

I have to agree, snail ARE fascinating. Unlike you, however, I don't love them. What about the infamous Banana Slugs that we had in Newport? When you're cruising the trails in Duckville do you have to contend with them as well?