Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday I went on a nice 8 miler and with 7 and 3/4 miles finished I was running on a narrow sidewalk with grass on my side and a rock wall on the "oncoming traffic's side", pushing the stroller, (uphill, not that that (or the distance even) really matters in the story, but thought I'd let you know anyway) when I encountered another runner coming  at me.  Like I would normally do, I scooted over until the entire stroller was in the grass and the runner would have no trouble passing.  I do this, even on wide sidewalks, mostly because it's a nice thing to do, but partially because I feel as though it is my duty, as a wielder of a jogging stroller (especially when I have the double), to be as accommodating as possible to other runners.  Well, this particular time, the nice man coming at us jumped into the grass so that we could monopolize the sidewalk.  As he passed, I attempted to thank him, but he merely said, "Oh no, that is the path for moms".  

Maybe he was feeling sentimental with it being the day before mother's day, maybe he misses his own mom, or has a "baby mama" who also runs with a stroller...whatever the case, it was thoughtful and completely unexpected on my part.  I pass lots of people and although most show an air of indifference (yes, there are plenty who practically scoff at me) he is the first to get out of my way, as a jogging stroller mom.  So, to the man running yesterday morning, in an Ohio State (yuck, but I won't hold it against you) shirt, thank you for letting me finish my run on a surprisingly positive note.  Your chivalry and compassion for moms did not go unnoticed.

On another note, thank you to my husband for understanding my passion for running and supporting me in all my running endeavors.  

Happy Day to all you mom's out there running and non-running alike.  Enjoy your special day...

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N.D. said...

that is very nice - I haven't been so lucky yet!!