Friday, May 29, 2009

Are You Serious?!?

There is a 5K race that I have been thinking about running.  It is called The Steep Hill Chase 5K Challenge.  With a name like that, one figures that at some point there must be a "steep hill" in the mix and most likely it is fairly challenging. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) they don't have a map of the course on the brochure or on the online registration form.  It is a trail run that is  being marketed as "A challenge for the best and fun for the rest. It's an adventurous course through Alton Baker Park that includes Pre's Trail, single track goat trails, filbert orchards, bridges and the Steep Hill."   There it is, that "Steep Hill" again, but it's capitalized as though it is a proper noun.  Maybe the people that have been running here in Eugene for longer than I have immediately know what "steep" hill is being referenced, but I don't.  Or, I guess I should say I didn't.  

I've been very curious as to what steep hill there is in the vicinity of Alton Baker Park (it has always seemed quite flat to me), so on my runs that take me through the park I have been scoping the scenery in search of the allusive "Steep Hill".  Well, yesterday morning, towards the end of my 8-miler, I found it.  Right there, towering at the end of the Autzen Footbridge is, without a doubt, the steep hill so poignantly named.  I don't know how I missed it in the past.  Actually, I goes straight up, and doesn't have room for more than one person, I think I was searching for something a little less dramatic.  (The picture above really doesn't do it justice, I took it quickly with my really does go straight up.)

Despite the hill (or maybe even slightly because of it), I think I'd really like to do the race.  Now that I've done some more research on the race and checked out all the pictures (you can too HERE), it looks like it could be a really fun time (although, maybe I should attempt to run up it a few times before signing up...).  It's nothing as hard core as the below video, compliments of  Matt Hart and Vimeo, but it would be my first cross country race since college...which was a lot longer ago than I'd like to admit.  (I came across it on a greatly motivating running blog that you can check out HERE.)

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