Saturday, April 18, 2009

Early Mornings

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have switched to early morning running.  I was afraid that it was going to be really hard to make myself get up, but I am actually really enjoying it.  I get up a little before 5:30am and nurse Leona then we bundle up and head out into the early morning world.  I enjoy it, because the sun is just starting to come up, there aren't many people (sometimes any people) out & about.  Also, my days have been running (ha ha no pun intended) more smoothly because I get my run in, get showered and working on breakfast usually before anyone else is even up...  Whereas before, it was a good day if I made breakfast (gotta love cold cereal), got a run in or even showered before Emme was out of school at noon.  I thought at first I would have lots of excuses to stay in bed, but on mornings that I am really tired, I tell myself that maybe I will get the opportunity for a nap in the afternoon (ha ha ha).  So far, I have only been doing it for two weeks, but it's become enough of a habit that Noni and I are pretty much programmed to wake at 5:30 even on our days off...

As for Leona, she doesn't seem to complain about getting up so early.  Usually within a block or so from our house she's already sung herself back to sleep.

Sometimes, she will even serenade me....


(The snoring she gets from her daddy!)

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Tom North said...

I've tried to tell myself that I can do morning workouts but they only seem to last for a day or two...pretty sad. That's good that you have more self control and will power than me.