Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What I really love...well, 9 things at least

Since it is a rare occasion that I have lots of time to be on the Internet (I'm up past my bedtime, Leona & Calvin are both asleep, Emme is having a sleepover at Nana's, Dan is home alone in Eugene) and I was such a grump with my last post, I thought I'd post again (twice in one day...can you handle it). I had a rough day, but it made me really think about what it is that I really do love:

1. Dan (especially when he is far away..ha ha...really, what I mean is sometimes it takes being away from him, to really appreciate how much I need him in my life)

2. My kids, although they may drive me insane for most of the 24 hours in a day, those 10-12 hours (not straight through of course) while they are asleep and looking so peacefully make me realize what potential they have to be sweet little angels.

3. My mom (since she'll never read this, you can know I'm not sucking up) she would do anything for me (except read my blog...ha ha) she has always been a great example to me.

4. My dad/grandma/mother-in-law (yes, I know that you 3 read my blog...which is partly why I love you and partly why you're grouped together...I don't want to "choose favorites"...at least you beat out running!)

5. Running...I wish I would've loved it more when I was going to school, maybe then I wouldn't have all this student loan debt...or at least I would've had those pair of running shoes I was promised...thanks for nothing Coach Kauffman...can you believe almost 10 years later and I'm still bitter?!?

6. My friends...and the fact that I can actually say that I have some...or at least a couple (sorry you didn't beat out running...it's really probably a tie)

7. Chocolate...I love chocolate, gotta love being here at my grandma's, she's always got plenty. Did I mention I love running...makes up for the chocolate...

8. Sleep...I love sleep too...I think it's about time to get some

9. Oh yeah, Siblings...I guess I better love you all too...you keep things interesting at least...

now back to loving sleep....


Tom North said...

Ouch sleep and chocolate just beat us out! No just kidding, I would have to rank sleep one or two in my list.

Stephanie said...

I love how we we that little side thought. . . can't blame you for the chocolate though. It's just so delicious and never gets mad at you like siblings tee hee

Janet said...

Well I did read this blog, although you're right I'm not a regular. Thanks for thinking I was a good example, it makes me feel like I might have done a few things ok while you were growing up.