Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break Sickies

Surprise, surprise, we're all sick here again.  Well, technically just the kids are sick at the moment, but it's only a matter of time until it hits Dan and me too.  (Maybe not me...I'm too stubborn to get sick.)Emme had a pretty nasty cough on Tuesday and was sent home from school Wednesday with a fever.  Leona was up all night Wednesday coughing with a fever so the girls had a trip to the doctor yesterday.  Calvin is sick too, cough and fever, but he was lucky enough to avoid the doctor.  Apparently it is RSV which is basically a really bad cold, however can turn into pneumonia or bronchitis.  I'm pretty sure that Emme picked it up at the birthday party she went to last weekend.  Dan went to get her homework today and Polly (Emme's teacher) said that there were 6 kids out sick today.

So, the kids will be sick for the next week to two weeks or so (probably longer in Leona's case as it affects infants more severely) which should make for a pretty fun spring break.  We are still going to go to Klamath's just as easy to be sick there as it is here.   (Also, Dan was really looking forward to having the house to himself to get some serious school work done.)  Needless to say, my running is suffering...I can't justify taking Leona running with me and as clingy as she was when healthy, she is ridiculously attached to me now...  I think I'll still take the jogging stroller with me on "vacation" but I'll probably be lucky to get many runs in.

Here is an unrelated picture, I cut Calvin's hair today...he always looks so much older when it's short.

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Elizabeth said...

Hope the kids feel better soon. It's aweful having sick kids... the only thing worse is having sick kids while you're sick too.