Sunday, March 8, 2009

Picture Tag

I have never really been tagged for anything, but was recently tagged by my friend Stephanie for "Picture Tag".  Normally, I would brush it off, refusing to comply, however, this time I will conform...partly (I won't tag anyone else).  The rules are simple, you pick the 4th picture out of the 4th album on your computer.  Well, here it is:

I was kind of worried that it would be some crazy picture (like of Dan & Me a couple of Halloweens ago) that I wouldn't be able to post and I'd have to lie about it being the 4th picture, etc... but since I have photos in two different categories, I was able to manipulate the rules to where I didn't have to break them. 

Anyway, as much as I'd love to take credit for this beautifully, aesthetic masterpiece of visual composition, I must sadly admit that it is a Calvin Thomas Higgins original.  If you'll note the well-placed subjects (sadly Padme´ was unable to hold her pose long enough for Calvin to snap the picture) and the great use of shadows to contrast the brightness of a surprisingly dust-free floor, you can recognize Mr. Higgins' trademark style.  It is such an honor to be able to post one of his originals on my blog.  I hope that you have all enjoyed his work...perhaps I will be able to share more in the future.


Jacob and Stephanie said...

Perhaps the title of this work could be something like, "Padme at Play". ;)

Dick said...

I'm impressed that Calvin knows how to use a camera...pretty impressive! Maybe he could give his grandmother (on your side of the family) some pointers!