Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Love...hmmmm..what do I love?

Well, we're here in Klamath Falls and at the moment hanging out in a tiny bedroom at my grandma's while her visiting teachers are here. She of course would've had us out there so she could show us off...but I think there would have been too much showing off on the part of my kids, so I chose seclusion. The one saving grace in this room is the computer/Internet, so here for your viewing pleasure is my kids' favorite commercial:

Since right now I'm not loving much of anything, I thought maybe if we listened to this song it would help me at least feel like loving something (maybe my kids?)...it's kind of working...maybe once we leave this room...maybe...

On a side note we are all still pretty sick and there will be no running over this break, (I didn't even bring running clothes) I guess I'll start all over when we get back to Eugene.


Jacob and Stephanie said...

That was a good one - it made ME smile. :) I hope you guys can get well during your time away - have your mom and grandma take care of you.

Tom North said...

oh wow you've all been sick that long?! That really sucks...starting over is never ever fun...good luck