Thursday, February 26, 2009

Running with the Boys

I really did not want to go running this afternoon with my running group.  I was so tired and really didn't feel like chasing (as in, trying to keep up with) a bunch of people.  However, I didn't go last week and I won't be able to go next week, so I made myself go today.  Then I got there (a little early) and no one showed up, I waited, no one showed up, I waited, two guys came, I waited, four more guys came, we waited, I considered calling it a day and heading home (I really didn't want to be the only girl), but I waited, then the "leader" said we had waited long enough and we were off.  I was slightly concerned that running with the boys would be more than I could handle but luckily, the "leader" has a marathon on Sunday and only wanted to go a little over 3 miles at 8 - 8:30 pace so it was very doable.  

All-in-all, running wasn't too bad, even though I was the only girl/non-law student.  I actually got to throw out a bit of information that would've made my dad proud.  I pointed out that, what one of the guys thought was a quail was really a pheasant and I got to explain that deer sleep by bedding down...when pressed for details, I couldn't actually explain how deer make their beds but at least now they know that they don't sleep standing up... I never really thought that my dad and brothers (and sister too) hunting all the time would come in handy to me but hey, what can I say, I felt pretty smart this evening...

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Dick said...

Good job, Laurie! I'm proud of you. I'm not sure how deer make their beds either...I've watched quite a few lie down, and don't remember seeing any of them paw sticks and rocks out of the way, but their beds look pretty inviting (I even took a nap in one on one of my hunting trips). I'd post the picture we have of you holding a shotgun and a dead pheasant, but that would probably get you banned from your running group (and I'm computer illiterate enough to know how to do it anyway). Sorry I couldn't run when we came up...I still can't walk without a major limp.