Saturday, February 7, 2009

Real Girls Night

Tonight, I went out for my first "real" Girls Night Out in a long time.  It was great.  I left everyone (yes that means Leona too) home and went out for some high calorie (really should've gotten that run in today...oh well), yet super tasty treats!  It was really good to get away from the kids and just hang out.  Emme & Calvin were of course already asleep when I left, but Leona was hanging out with Dan.  

Apparently, things (with Leona) went relatively well for the first half hour, then she got tired and worked herself up into a little fit and cried for the next half hour or so until she was too exhausted to stay awake.  Dan took it all in stride though and didn't have anything negative to say (and that was before I gave him the yummy piece of cake I brought him), in fact he was really happy that I got to go out with the girls and said that he would be more than willing to do it again.

Well, she's awake now, so I'd better run.  I've been missing her almost as much as she missed me...well almost!


Jacob and Stephanie said...

I'm so glad that you came tonight, Laurie! It was a lot of fun. I'm also glad that you didn't come home to disaster - Leona can sleep easier with you home, now. ;)

me/mom/NANA said...

Good for you. Leona will learn it is fun to hang out with daddy soon. He just has a serious side that she sees. Wait till she sees him dance to Aladin! You need time out to relax and enjoy adult "girl" conversations!