Friday, February 13, 2009

Easy Run

As I was running today, I started thinking about what constitutes an easy run.  I read a blog this morning where the author was trying to answer that same question...what makes an easy run easy? (Here's the link if you're interested.)  The author's easy run (in case you didn't follow the link) was scheduled every Friday, the same 3 mile route ranging in pace from 7:50 to 9:00 min. miles.  It was interesting to read the feedback comments and see what others described as their "easy" runs.  It seems that for most runners an easy run is either decided by distance or pace...sometimes both.  However, one runner had a link to an article from Runner's World that suggested the use of a heart monitor (click here to read).  

Yesterday when I went with my running group (I guess I must feel a part of it now since I wrote "") the general consensus was to go for an "easy run" which ended up being considerably slower and shorter than usual, therefore sticking to the pattern that easy means shorter and/or slower.

Anyway, back to my point....while I was running today and thinking about easy runs, I came up with a slightly different take.  To me an easy run is designed by the following factors:
  1. No stroller (obviously easier than running with one (unless in icy conditions, then it's good for balance)...also means no kids...much easier!!!!)
  2. If running with a stroller a single stroller is of course better than a double (which also means only one child...also a good thing!) 
  3. Clear sidewalks (this means: no dog poop, no cars, no trash/recycle bins, no'd be surprised the things I sometimes have to maneuver around)
  4. Decent weather (as in warm enough that I don't have to fight Calvin to keep on: gloves, blankets, shoes, the rain cover...etc)
  5. Happy children (it sure is easier running when I don't have to stop every few steps to separate (as much as one can in a stroller) my fighting/yelling/biting/smashing/complaining.... children)
  6. Bathrooms en route (for Calvin and me (gotta love post-partum bladders))
  7. Time...when I have time to go running for as long as I'd like it makes everything easier (today for example, my easy run turned hard because we got behind schedule (had to keep stopping so Calvin could drink his hot was surprisingly hard for him to do while going over all the bumps in the much for that good idea to keep him warm) and I had to take a short cut and still practically sprint in order to get to Emme's school on time.

I'm sure there are other criteria that make my runs "easy" but I'd imagine you get the general idea...


me/mom/NANA said...

I have said it before and I will repeat it again. You are a very brave and patient mother who tries any kind of exercise much less running with children. You are a great example and hero to all of us couch potatoes our here.

Tom North said...

So...I'm pretty sure that by your definition of an easy run, every single run of mine falls into the easy category!

Jacob and Stephanie said...

Oh man, I'm trying to picture Calvin tryin' to drink his hot chocolate. You're such a great mom, though. :)

Dan Higgins said...

My "easy" run is a trip to the fridge. Anything over that is classified under the "hard" category.