Monday, January 12, 2009

Running in the Dark

Dan is officially back in school as of today.  I think it is going to be a pretty crazy/busy semester.  Monday he has class for most of the day, including a class that doesn't get over until 7:30pm so today was a long day for everyone.  He also will be starting an externship at the court house that will be in the morning on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 - 12, which will make our mornings pretty crazy (he'll need a ride). Tuesday and Thursday will be a little bit better, he'll just be at the school, but we won't be seeing him much this semester, he's going to be busy, busy, busy!  Today was loooooooong, but I think it will just take a bit for us all to get used to this new schedule.

Anyway, in an effort to stay on top of (or in reality get back into) my running I've decided to run early in the morning before the craziness ensues.   Today was my first day of that and in all honesty it went pretty well.  I took Leona with me (she has been extra fussy... teething maybe?) because I was afraid she'd wake up and start screaming... no one needs to start their day with a screaming baby.  

We left a little before 6am and really got a pretty good run in.  It was just over 3.6 miles and went by pretty quickly... as things tend to do when running in the dark.  I couldn't believe how dark it was!  Luckily the moon was full, or pretty close to it, because I'm not sure I would've been able to see much of anything.  The street lights down 24th were pretty good but once I turned onto the bike path there were no more lights.  I felt pretty safe, but crossed the intersection at 30th instead of running through the "tunnel" just por las dudas (literally translated "for the doubts").  Of course, now I've mapped out half my run for all those crazy stalkers out there... you know where to find me... watch out though, I run with pepper spray and a taser and a cell phone and an attack baby... ha ha.

Anyway, it was a good run.  Normally when running here in Eugene, the runners tend to be a bit snobby  (mostly with good reason... they are after all world class athletes and don't need to be bothered my some sidewalk hog and her double wide) but this morning, the few runners I passed were all super friendly.  I crossed paths with three different sets of runners this morning and all eagerly offered up "good mornings" to me (and Leona).  I think in the last 3 months of running the most I've gotten is a head nod from countless elites I come in contact with.  By running 4 to 5  hours earlier than normal I've joined some new club.  

At first it didn't make sense to me, I figured that anyone up so early to get in their run must really be dedicated but then it came to me, the absolute true running die-hards, in Eugene, schedule everything around their running.  They will only be up and running in the cold and dark if that is the time they prefer to run and I'm sorry, but most sane people don't prefer that (not to mention that most of Eugene doesn't function before 10am).  Running is their life, their job, their one true passion and if they want to run at 10am they will run at 10am, work and everything else will have to wait.  Those people I ran into (not literally, it wasn't that dark... ha ha) this morning were runners, like me, running because they want to, because they enjoy it and they were happy to see someone else out doing it too... they weren't annoyed that I was taking up more space on the sidewalk than the average runner.  I was happy to see them too... it was good to not be alone... in the dark with only Leona's snoring and my wild imagination to keep me company.

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me/mom/NANA said...

I am so impressed. I too got up this morning before 6 am. I turned the pellet stove on and climbed back into my nice warm bed grateful that I didn't really have to be awake until 7:30 when Papa would call. You set the standard of exercise to a whole new level for everyone who knows you and there is nothing wrong with that.