Thursday, January 8, 2009

Run, Smelly Girl, Run

So, I've been having trouble running lately.  Not so much trouble physically running, but trouble making myself go out the door and do it.  I ran last Friday (remember, it almost killed me) but didn't run on Saturday (one of Dan's friends was over for brunch and if I don't get out in the morning, I won't go), didn't run on Sunday (I'm sure I'd die for sure if I tried to do that, being the Sabbath and all), I did run on Monday (it was a great run and got me motivated), however, didn't run on Tuesday (Monday's motivation didn't last through the night), didn't run on Wednesday (went shopping instead), didn't run today (Emme has a play date after school), probably won't run tomorrow (Dan's last day of winter break), probably won't run Saturday (why run just one day so that I can rest on Sunday)...  as you can see my logic (or excuses) is a bit off.  

Anyway, to the get to the point (also the title of this post) I, for a lack of better description, play little games with myself.  I do things that make me go running.  For example, if I were to get up and shower first thing in the morning, then there is very little chance that I will go running.  However, if I just get dressed and take Emme to school, then I haven't written off all possibility of running.  It goes the same with makeup.  If I put on waterproof mascara before I leave the house, then I can still run later without needing to wash my face before I head out.  Mostly, it probably comes down to my hair.  I don't exactly have the hair (at least not the length) that is "wash and wear".  I can either wash it, then blow dry it, then straighten it or I can wash it before I go to bed and in the morning try and tame the frizzy, kinks into some sort of organized curl.  If I want to wear my hair curly, then I cannot run in the morning, because it doesn't work to blow dry my hair, I have to sleep on it.  If I don't run in the morning, I rarely get a run in later in the day.  On the other hand, it is a fairly time-consuming process to dry and straighten my hair... I have to allot a certain time period for that, which I usually don't have, had I already spent the time to go running.  So, if there is any chance of me going running, I will not shower before bed, nor right when I get up.  Therein lies the dilemma.  

For example:  Monday I went running, showered and straightened my hair.  Tuesday I had planned to go running, so took a bath and shaved my legs, but didn't wash my hair... not too big of deal every other day for hair washing is actually good for your hair.  Well, I didn't go running, but planned to on Wednesday.  Wednesday morning we went to story time, so I skipped the shower and donned a hat, with plans to run in the afternoon (ha ha).  When that didn't pan out (Emme & I went shopping) I had to take a shower (insert title here) before I went to bed.  So I woke this morning (Thursday) with somewhat well positioned curls, not wanting to ruin them (since we have Emme's play date and I'll want to look respectable), I skipped the run again.  Now tomorrow, my hair will basically be done when I wake, just need a touch up, will I really want to ruin it?

Alternate title ideas:

Run, Crazy Girl, Run
Run, Lazy Girl, Run
Run, Psychotic, Neurotic, Weird Hair Idea Girl, Run


me/mom/NANA said...

I love your stories and wish I had enough energy to run just one day a week. I think when ever you run it should just be because you want to, you need to, you enjoy it.

Dick said...

I think the last title is the best one. At least you have some legitimate excuses for not running (hair, kids, husband in law school, etc.). The best excuse I could come up with today was that I didn't have time to run because it took me to long to post comments on the blogs I'm now hooked on.

Jacob and Stephanie said...

LOL - I vote for Run, Crazy Girl, Run he he. JK Although, you have to know that you're not alone. I have some of those same psychotic tendencies and excuses lined up for myself. :S You just can't ruin a good hair day!!!