Wednesday, December 24, 2008

'Twas the night before Christmas...

'Twas the night before Christmas and  all through the house, not a creature was stirring... well actually there were several creatures stirring, the only creatures sleeping were Emme & Leona. Calvin you see, had a nice long, late nap, which, coupled with the excitement of Christmas Eve made it near impossible for him to go to sleep.  He was actually asleep for a little bit, from about 8:45pm to 10pm (another late power nap?) but now he's wide awake.  I went a laid down in his bed with him for a bit (while Dan was helping get the house ready for Santa to come) and it was really pretty fun... I love little kids and Christmas...

Calvin: Mommy, do you want Santa to bring you a present?
Me: Yes
Calvin:  So do I, so we better go to sleep
Me:  You're right, we better go to sleep right now.
(5 seconds later)
Calvin:  I want Santa to bring me Star Wars toys and Lightening McQueen toys... and I want him to bring Daddy Star Wars toys... and maybe some ballerina things for Emme and maybe some ballerina things for you too Mommy.
Me:  What about Leona?
Calvin:  Well, Tom & Karen brought her a new bouncy ball tonight, so she doesn't need anything else.
Me:  But they brought you presents too...
Calvin:  Ummm... Mommy, you need to quit talking to me so that we can go to sleep so that Santa can come and bring me Star Wars toys and Lightening McQueen toys!

It's been a great Christmas so far.  Today we made sugar cookies for Santa and decorated them with food color markers... they were really pretty cool, my grandma gave them to me for my birthday (thanks Grammy!) and the kids were quite impressed that we got to draw right on the cookies.  For dinner we had pizza and chocolate milk then read a Christmas Story "Room for a Little One" (thanks Nana), the kids then opened up one present (a new pair of jammies) and got ready for bed.  Tom and Karen (my uncle and aunt) came by and brought presents that the kids got to open too.  Tomorrow, we'll open gifts and get ready  for the day then head to Klamath Falls for a few days.  I'll post Christmas pictures later... probably when we get back from Klamath.  

I hope everyone has a very fun, yet relaxing Christmas time.  Enjoy time with family and friends and be safe in all your travels.

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Jacob and Stephanie said...

LOL - Calvin totally cracks me up! Despite the late night, it sounds like your Christmas Eve Day was a nice one. Hope you guys have safe travels, too. Merry Christmas! :)