Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Day

We woke up to cold temperatures and snow this morning it was great!  Basically all of Eugene was shut down so there was no school.  Despite Calvin's sad face (due to Emme's snowball in it) the kids had a wonderful time outside making snow angels and rolling around.

I decided to brave the snow and cold temperatures this afternoon and took Leona for a run.  It actually wasn't too bad... it was good to get out of the house.  I learned a few things:

1.  trails shoes:  good choice, very nice traction... I only almost slipped once

2.  jogging stroller in the snow:  really wasn't too bad, although there were a few spots that would have gone better if the stroller was on runners or had studded tires

3.  dressing in layers:  good, more layers would've been better... it was really cold

4.  wearing a baseball hat:  okay, until on the way back when I was running into the wind... my ears were sooooo cold... I was seriously wondering at what temperature frost bite occurs.  There was a small stretch where I ran with my hands over my ears while pushing the stroller with my belly... I'm sure that was a sight to see!  Next time I think a beanie would be a better choice

I'm sure I learned some other things too... although not the most important lesson, running in the snow/ice in 25 degree weather isn't very smart... I'll probably go again tomorrow.

I did have fun on my run, though.  I got to see an "80's Skier Chick"... it was this lady, probably in her late 40's out sledding with her kids and she was super stylish.  Head to toe a nice black and pink ski suit, complete with a pink head band/ear cover and big glasses... she was awesome. 

I also managed to run through the middle of two separate snow ball fights and come out unscathed... I was a little concerned, because "lady running with a jogging stroller in the snow" is pretty much screaming "please hit me with a snowball!" but they surprisingly stopped the action to let me pass.  

I was cautious at the intersection of Hilyard and 24th... there was a huge slush puddle that I could totally picture someone like my husband, in high school, being unable to drive by without soaking the innocent bystanders... so we kept our distance from the curb as to not unwillingly taunt anyone... again, nothing says "splash me" more than a "lady running with a jogging stroller in the snow".

All in all, it was a good day.  Emme's spots were gone when she woke up so we didn't bother with a doctor's visit. Hopefully school will be back in session tomorrow so she can... get away from Calvin for a bit... they both could use a break... as could we.


Tom North said...

wow it's snowed more in Eugene than it has here in Utah!

Tom North said...

wow it's snowed more in Eugene than it has here in Utah!

Jacob and Stephanie said...

You are a brave gal to go out in the ice. That lady in pink must have been a sight. That's awesome.
P.S. We sorta have two blogs - the one just for our family (jerdonjourney) and then the one that we contribute to that's Jake's family blog (jerdonjournal). Too many J's, I know. Just to clear up any confusion. :P