Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I can't believe that in a little less than 8 hours we will be done with 2008. It seems that time is flying by (well, except this last week... it has kind of been dragging, maybe that's because we are in Klamath Falls). Anyway, it's been a pretty crazy and eventful year and since I don't have anything better to blog about I'll give you a little bit of a run down (the only bit of running I've been up to lately, ha ha ha)...

In the early spring, Dan finished up his first year of law school. (One down, two to go). I think that for the most part it (his first year) went pretty well... at least for us (the kids and me), Dan might tell you differently. It didn't seem too difficult to adjust to his schedule, yet we were all relieved when that first year was officially completed.

The summer (July) brought the birth of our third child, Leona. Maybe it's because it has almost been six months, but it seems that all went really well with that too. She was born at the most convenient time for us (when my mom and sister were in town for a swim meet and my doctor was on call... she even managed to join us in time for the doctor to make it to breakfast) and came very easily on her own. Any qualms that I had about having a VBAC were erased. Once she was born, she yelled a lot for a couple of months but seems to be happier with the world now and even laughs on occasion (although as I type this she is yelling again).

In August, Emme took a couple of tests to find out if she could start kindergarten early and passed both easily, so she was 4 when classes began. She absolutely thrives in school and I am so greatful we pushed to get her enrolled early. Now she is five and halfway through her first year of school and couldn't be happier. It's so amazing how quickly she is growing up!

With Emme in school it seems Calvin is learning more and more too. Right now he is on a kick of wanting to spell everything... for the last couple of days he has been telling everyone, " I am C - A - L - V - I - N, Calvin".

For the most part this fall and winter have been uneventful. We saw an amazing amount of snow for Eugene a few weeks ago and enjoyed a fun Christmas at home and in Klamath Falls visiting our families. Dan, is now officially a little over halfway through law school. By this time next year, he'll only have one semester left... yippee!

It's been a fun year and a learning year, but mostly a fast year. I'm in a hurry to have our family settled and feel more grown up (you'd think three kids would do that for a person...) but I'm not anxious for the kids to get bigger and for Dan to have a "real job" where he can't spend all summer playing with us. I guess I'll just have to continue trying to enjoy each stage of everything and look optimistically forward while looking nostalgically backwards (and maybe to a bit more running too)...

Happy New Year, everyone, I hope it's the best yet...

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