Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gingerbread House & Calvin's Tree

Yesterday, we had a great day... in the morning we went and saw Santa (wasn't too bad, only had to stand in line for about 30 minutes) and then for family night we decorated our gingerbread house (thanks mom!).  The kids really had a lot of fun.  Our house last year was probably a bit more aesthetically pleasing, but this year Emme & Calvin did more, which was more fun (and made for a bigger clean up).  

Calvin was mostly interested in decorating a gingerbread tree...
it started with some frosting... a lot of frosting
then some more frosting...
and after this picture, even more frosting.... 
(some on the cookie... most on his face!)

This is the beginning... the piping (yep, I'm pretty much a professional... ha ha ha)
(actually, the beginning was Dan & the kids putting the house together while I was shopping, but you'll have to use your imagination for those pictures)
Now the fun begins... the decorations (one for the house... two for my mouth)
Believe it or not, there was a fair amount of team work between Emme & Calvin (especially after Calvin discovered his cookie and left the house to Emme)
Here, Emme has declared that the house is done... notice that Calvin is still working on his tree
Finally, the finished product...

And for your viewing pleasure... a video of Calvin decorating his tree, Emme working on the house and in the background, Dan & Leona running away so that they won't be in the shot...
And, if you couldn't quite understand him... Calvin refers to his frosting as "whip cream" and he says, "...let Leona get [to be] a human, then she can build the house with us...".   It's good to know that Leona isn't just a baby, she is actually some other form of life that will, hopefully, grow up to be a human... I had my suspicions!

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Jacob and Stephanie said...

You have the cutest kiddos. I could tell that Calvin was really concentrating on making that tree perfect. :) (P.S. Next year, maybe Leona will be human enough to help.)